Beer 333 is a long-standing, very familiar and popular brand not only in the Vietnamese market. Known for a long time, used a lot, but have you ever known the brand origin, alcohol content and price of 333 beer? Let’s find out together.

From alcohol content to taste, it can be said that 333 beer is very suitable for men. Drink well, drink already, drink excitedly. It will not be difficult to find beer 333 anywhere, because of its popularity and popularity.

firstAbout 333 . beer

As one of the leading beer brands in the Vietnamese market, 333 beer is the most traditional, long-standing and successful product of the Saigon beer brand Sabeco.

Not only favored by domestic consumers, but the class and position of 333 beer is also confirmed in the international market. Beer 333 has been exported and trusted in more than 17 countries and demanding markets such as Japan, Germany, Netherlands, USA…

About 333 . beerAbout 333 . beer

Born in the form of a can of 330 ml, the brand of canned beer 333 – beer 333 Export was quickly received and consumed by the market. Bold flavor, impressive packaging, extremely memorable, canned beer 333 must stimulate both sight, taste and go into the subconscious of consumers.

Based on the great success of 333 canned beer, Sabeco develops premium bottled beer 333 Premium to bring more choices to consumers. The bottle design is slim but strong, fits well in the hand, very masculine and elegant, suitable for drinking beer directly from the bottle.

333 beer products can be said to have been and still become familiar and familiar in family and friends gatherings, on both dining and banquet tables.

2Alcohol content of beer 333

If other brands of Saigon beer only have an alcohol content of 4.3% or 4.9%, then 333 beer gives a higher alcohol content with 5.3%rich flavor, bringing a “real” feeling for men to enjoy.

Beer 333 in both bottled or canned form, enjoys better when chilled at a temperature of 10 – 12 degrees Celsius.

3Price of beer 333

Beer cans 333 Export 330ml/can, packing specification 24 cans with a market price of about 240,000 VND/barrel.

Bottled beer 333 Premium 330ml/bottle, boxed specification with a market price of about 200,000 VND / frame / 20 bottles.

Compared to other beer brands, the price of 333 beer is quite affordable, affordable for all consumers, so it is not difficult to be accepted and consumed by the market.

Surely if you are a Vietnamese who loves Vietnamese products and brands, beer 333 is also a familiar and trusted brand.

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