True-X is one of the famous and popular condoms in Vietnam market. So, are True-X condoms any good? Let’s find out together!

A condom is a device used during sex. Its main use is to reduce the possibility of pregnancy and reduce the risk of infection. In addition, condoms are also used to store semen when treating infertility or for a number of purposes other than sexual intercourse such as waterproofing the product, covering the head of a rifle… Currently, on the market The school has many types of condoms from many different brands, notably True-X condoms. So, is this bag any good? Let’s find out together!

firstAre True-X condoms any good?

True-X condoms are products of the True-X-one brand Famous brand in Japan. True-X was born with the desire to become an effective assistant of men, helping men always maintain their male form at the peak, and at the same time, creating happiness when having sex for women. Currently, True-X is widely sold in the market with 5 main product lines:

– Ultra Thin: Super thin

– PerformaX: Prolong sex time

– SeduceX: Embossed

– X’trojan: Ribbed and embossed

– CloseX: Asian Size

Are True-X condoms any good?

2Details about True-X condoms

Because True-X has a wide range of products, consumers can easily choose the right condom for them. In general, True-X’s condoms have a compact and convenient design. Each line has its own characteristic color to avoid confusing users.

True – X Ultra Thin Condoms (Ultra Thin)

True – X Ultra Thin is manufactured on modern technology lines and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the thinness and give the user the most authentic feeling.

True – X Ultra Thin is known for being rubber Super thin, wear it like you don’t wear it, helping to create a feeling of comfort and comfort for men. The Ultra Thin protective diaphragm is extremely safe and has the ability to effectively transfer heat, providing the most authentic pleasure to the wearer.

True-X PerformaX condom (Prolongs sex)

Made from natural rubber and undergoing rigorous manufacturing processes, True-X PerformaX has excellent elasticity and is absolutely safe for users. With a size of 52mm and a body-hugging design, True-X PerformaX creates comfort for the wearer, making men confident to show off their bravery.

In addition to preventing pregnancy and avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, True-X PerformaX also has the ability to Prolongs the duration of sex thanks to 7% lignocaine– Active ingredient that helps maintain male arousal by reducing sensitivity on the tip of the penis.

True-X SeduceX Condom (Embossed)

True-X SeduceX condoms are made from natural latex and fully meet the requirements and conditions of the production of a sensitive product. Close-fitting design with a layer of lubricating oil outside with more than 600 floating beadsSoft, smooth, True-X Seducex will bring the clearest, boldest and most attractive “transmissions”, helping men to assert their manhood in love.

With a spacious design – 52mm, SeduceX condoms will provide a comfortable, tight fit for the wearer, while helping to sublimate and protect health effectively.

True-X X’trojan Condom (Ribund and Embossed)

True-X X’trojan condoms are designed in Japanese style, inspired by the mighty Trojan horse with veins and thorns floating along the body of the condom. help form a smart massage system Increases the contact area, makes women feel more pleasure and helps both to fully enjoy love.

True-X X’trojan condoms are made from high-quality natural rubber and undergo a rigorous production process, so the product is extremely safe, suitable for people with sensitive skin. best. The bag has good elasticity, fits snugly and does not tear or stretch when active. In addition, the product also contains many lubricating gels, making your lovemaking easier and more “convenient”.

True-X CloseX Condom (Designed for Asian Men)

True-X CloseX belongs to the X’Series line and is a condom model specifically designed for the Asian male segment. With size 44mm, smaller than the general standardTrue-X CloseX is suitable for modest boys, both creating a comfortable fit when exercising and hugging the boy to create passionate charm.

Made from high-quality latex with maximum deodorant ability, True-X CloseX has flexible elasticity and is extremely female-friendly. Using True-X CloseX not only helps men be more confident about their penis, but also makes your fun more complete and meaningful. Try it now!

True-X is a famous Japanese condom brand, so you can be completely assured of its quality and safety. As mentioned, condoms are very important in sex, make it a habit to use condoms to protect yourself and your loved one. If you don’t know which condom brand to choose, True-X is a good choice. Try it out!

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