Moony is a baby diaper brand from Japan that is trusted by many Vietnamese mothers, so is Moony diaper good? What is the outstanding point that attracts many mothers to choose?

Moony diapers come from the famous Japanese brand Unicharm, which is a famous brand specializing in famous diaper products. Loved by a large number of young mothers and often chosen. But do parents really understand this type of product and what age is it suitable for children? Let’s go with Bach Hoa XANH to find out.

first Outstanding advantages of Moony diapers

Soft, mellow material

With materials from high-quality cotton core and ultra-thin nano technology, creating a soft, smooth surface. Supports to support and protect baby’s delicate skin but does not cause discomfort and itching.

Are Moony diapers any good?  Highlights of Moony diapersSoft, mellow material

Thanks to the micro surface Ultra-fine nano-sized fiberMoony touches very gently and smoothly on baby’s skin, giving baby a feeling of softness and comfort just like wearing underwear.

Moony diapers with Design of permeable grooves on the surfacewhich not only reduces skin contact and increases ventilation, but also increases absorbency, 2 times anti-flow, keep baby’s skin dry and smooth.

Breathable elastic back layer helps diapers hug and fixed well on the baby’s body without causing a secret, ensuring dry and comfortable for the baby all day long.

Unique C-shape design, hugging the body

Because at birth, the baby still retains the C-shape like the days when he was still in the mother’s womb, so Moony diapers have painstakingly designed the product in the C-shape shape. The flexible elastic back system helps the diaper to hug the body tightly, limiting spillage, the V-cut in the cotton core helps minimize friction with the baby’s skin.

Are Moony diapers any good?  Highlights of Moony diapersUnique C-shape design, hugging the body

Based on the natural skeleton of babies and children, Moony develops Diaper design that hugs the C curve baby’s body, not only to make the diaper really fit, prevent spills, but also give the baby a comfortable, natural feeling in every movement and movement.

This design takes shape on Flexible elastic system keeps diapers snug fit baby’s body at any position, more V-cut in the cotton core creates folds to reduce rubbing on baby’s skin when moving.

With this design, the mother does not worry about the baby’s skin being scratched, not afraid of spilling diapers from the thigh or waist groove, keeping the baby’s hygiene very good, peace of mind for the mother.

Absorbent and dry effectively

Possessing a multi-channel surface and high-quality cotton core, Moony diapers are absorbent 2 times faster, ensuring breathability and preventing diaper rash in babies. In addition, the diaper is also able to absorb up to 10 times, no need to change too many times for the baby.

Are Moony diapers any good?  Highlights of Moony diapersAbsorbent and dry effectively

Special design on stickers for newborn babies (Newborn), with the diaper part cut out at the umbilical cord access position to avoid rubbing on the baby’s sensitive navel.

Thanks to this design, the mother does not worry about the baby’s umbilical cord being damaged or infected when wearing a diaper.

Wet indicator

Are Moony diapers any good?  Highlights of Moony diapersWet indicator

The band at the bottom of the diaper will turn dark green, signaling that the diaper is “full,” and it’s time to change your baby’s diaper.

Differentiate between boys and girls

Because there are certain differences between boys and girls, Moony diapers are designed to fit the characteristics of each child. In particular, diapers for boys will have a super absorbent core in the front, helping to absorb super quickly and lock the liquid inside the diaper. For girls, the diaper will have an extra layer of anti-spill on the back to help the baby stay comfortable.

Are Moony diapers any good?  Highlights of Moony diapersDifferentiate between boys and girls

The wetting point of a boy’s and a girl’s diaper is different, get it, Moony specially designed diaper pants for boys and girls Helps increase the ability to absorb and hold liquids, making it comfortable for babies to use, free to move and play according to gender.

That way, the advantages and reliable origin are enough for mothers to trust Moony to take care of their baby every day.

2 How many types of Moony diapers

In terms of design

Based on the design of Moony diapers, it will be divided into two types, including diapers and diapers, depending on the intended use of the mother, which chooses the appropriate diaper for the child. In it, there will be each separate size to fit the baby.

For adhesive diapers:

Newborn goods: For babies from about 3-5kg

  • Size S: For children from 4-8kg
  • Size M: For children from 6-11kg
  • Size L: For children from 9-11kg

For diaper pants:

  • Size M: Children from 5-10kg
  • Size L: Children from 9-14kg
  • Size XL: Children 12–22kg

Currently, Bach Khoa GREEN has a number of Moony diaper products with different designs that you can refer to:

Moony diapers with different designsMoony diapers with different designs

In terms of gender

As shared, one of the outstanding advantages of Moony diapers is the clear distinction for boys and girls, convenient for parents to choose diapers. You can find products at Bach Khoa XANH, in which:

Moony diapers segregated by genderMoony diapers segregated by gender

3 What age baby is Moony diaper suitable for?

Moony diapers are suitable diapers for babies to babies from 22kg and under, which can be used comfortably. Mothers should note this point to buy the right type of product for children.

Moony diapers are suitable for babies from birth to 22kgMoony diapers are suitable for babies from birth to 22kg

The above article is information about Moony diapers and outstanding advantages. Hope the article will be useful and don’t forget to follow Bach Khoa XANH to get more good knowledge!