The Corona “pandemic” occurred, making the mask market more fierce than ever, and the selling price of medical masks also skyrocketed. Do you know anything about medical masks, are medical masks washable? Find the answer in the following article.

Medical masks are a common use item for everyone, especially at the time of the corona epidemic outbreak, medical masks are more important than ever. However, you need to know how to use a medical mask properly to ensure safety because if used incorrectly, it will not only not help prevent disease but also easily make you infected.

Usually medical masks will have 3 layers like N95 masks. With an outer layer with water-repellent properties, which effectively prevents liquid particles from splashing out when the patient sneezes, coughs, breathes heavily, the middle layer filters dust and bacteria, preventing droplets from splashing and splashing. right, the white inner layer is soft and smooth, absorbs sweat well.

Should medical masks be washed or not? the answer is no because According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Health Organization, medical masks are disposable masks and then thrown away, not reused.. Therefore, to ensure the highest effectiveness in preventing disease transmission, you should only use a medical mask once, the use time is within 8 hours. At the same time, this type of mask is also not washable.

Non-fabric medical masks, if washed, will damage the structure and shape of the mask, which will backfire when you use it next time.

Using a medical mask correctly is extremely important in preventing and preventing infection, especially at the time of the current outbreak of corona virus. So, whether to save money or for any other reason, you should not wash medical masks and reuse them. In addition, you can refer to tips on wearing effective medical masks to protect yourself!

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