Cashews contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals and also contain a lot of good, unsaturated fats. They are a favorite snack of many pregnant women. But whether cashews are really good for the health of pregnant women is always a question that needs to be answered.

Are cashews good for pregnant women?

Daily, pregnant women who consume 1/4 cup of cashews will get 37.4% monounsaturated fat, and also get 38% more copper, 22.3% magnesium.

In particular, cashews do not contain cholesterol, the antioxidants present in cashews also reduce the risk of heart diseaseMagnesium and Calcium have a building effect healthy bones and muscles.

They also increase red blood cell count and blood flow to the brain. Eating cashews can help prevent the condition anemia during pregnancy, and also improve sleep.

Therefore, cashews are completely beneficial for pregnant women.

Cashews reduce the risk of heart disease and help build strong bones and muscles.

Are cashews good for the fetus?

According to nutrition experts, pregnant women eat cashews to help the fetus during pregnancy develop immunity with allergens and reduces the risk of allergic disease after birth.

In addition to contributing to the formation and development of red blood cells, the copper content in cashews also supports brain cell development children from the very first steps.

Nutrients from cashews are absorbed by the mother and passed on to the baby during pregnancy, helping young children prevent heart diseases such as open or narrow heart valves, myocardial ischemia, congenital heart failure…

Cashew nuts help develop brain cells, increase immunity, prevent heart disease in the fetus

When should mom use cashews?

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the mother’s body is still very weak, the digestive system cannot absorb many nutrients at once, so it is recommended to limit the use of foods containing large amounts of nutrients at the same time. Especially for nuts with hardness, you should only use them starting at 4 months.

If in a state of morning sickness, craving cashews, you can use it 1-2 seeds/timesplit into several times, do not use more than 20g/day.

In addition, cashews also contain the risk of allergies. If a family member or mother has ever been sensitive to them, even in small amounts, they should not use it.

In addition to the case of morning sickness craving cashews, you should start using it at the 4th month


Do not use too much, from the 4th month, you can evenly divide cashews for each snack and every meal from 10 – 15 seedseat 30 minutes before main meal.

Absolutely do not eat cashews at night to avoid rapid pregnancy weight gain.

Mom can process cashews with many different dishes to change the taste. If not, just using salted roasted cashews is also very good.

Should choose to buy fresh cashews or roasted, dried at a reputable facility, avoid cashew nuts for a long time, with mold that can easily cause poisoning.

It is recommended to use each meal from 10 to 15 seeds, eat 30 minutes before the main meal, do not use at night

Cashew nuts are not only good for pregnant women but also good for the fetus, but mothers need to eat them at the right time and in the right way. At the same time, it is advisable to balance foods to avoid nutritional deficiencies that affect the health of mother and baby.

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