Choosing diapers that are absorbent, dry, do not cause diaper rash and affordable prices is not a small problem. Check out some cheap domestic diapers with GREEN Bach Hoa to ensure that the quality is still very good, moms!


Huggies is an American diaper line but made in Vietnam, with an absorbent core design and smart liquid lock to help absorb quickly, creating comfort for your baby.


– Absorbs quickly and abundantly, can Can absorb liquid stools.

– Cotton face is soft, dry, not diaper rash.

Light thin.

Contains deodorant.

– The glue part does not mark the baby’s feet, easy to open and close without fear of sticking.


– Bim may be clumped If not changed regularly, making it difficult for the baby to move.

– May be seeped out because the width of the diaper is a bit hard and narrow.

– The belly band is a bit stiff.

Huggies absorb quickly, can absorb liquid stool.


Also an American brand, made in Vietnam, Pampers focuses on the absorbent function, the magic core absorbs 6 times, letting your baby sleep all night, dry until morning.


– Absorbs quickly, much, Can be used all night.

No clumping.

– Soft, smooth, non-irritating.

– The adhesive part is comfortable to open and close, without worrying about sticking.

– Soft, stretchy waistband.

The bottom of the diaper changes color to signal wetness.


– Rather squash and hard.

– Rather thick.

Pampers absorb quickly, abundantly and without clumping.


Nannys is made in Vietnam by 3D technology to help absorb quickly and the anti-spill membrane prevents urine from spilling out in any position.


– Absorbs a lot, Can be used all night.

Good spill resistancedry, not daring.

Slim waist design in the middle helps baby move freely.


– Rather thick.

– The sticker on the outside is paper so it’s pretty hard.

Nannys absorbs quickly but is a bit thick.

Which diaper to choose for baby?

To choose the right diaper, mothers need to consider absorbency, spill resistance, baby’s comfort (softness, smoothness, diaper rash) and price. The saving tip is that mothers should combine the use of many types of diapers for their children.

Huggies should be used during the day, changed often, 4-6 times a day, both to overcome the disadvantages of easy clumping, thin and light, and economical.

Pampers and Nannys can be used both during the day and at night as they are highly absorbent and dry. In particular, these two types are quite thick, so they are suitable for use in winter.

The saving tip is that mothers should combine the use of many types of diapers for their children.

Today’s domestic diapers not only ensure good quality, affordable prices but are also very rich and diverse for mothers to choose from. Hope this article is helpful in choosing diapers for your baby!

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