Now at the weekend, I’m at home, so I go to the kitchen to make chicken curry with lemongrass, change the taste for the family’s weekend meal, let’s refer to my recipe.

Braised chicken with curry, a rich dish with a viscous sauce mixed with a bit of spicy curry, is very attractive to rice. Today I will introduce to you this chicken curry with simple and inexpensive ingredients. Check out the recipe below.


How to make chicken curry with lemongrass

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Process materialsProcess materials

After buying chicken, clean it, wash it with water mixed with ginger or white wine to make the chicken more fragrant and delicious, then drain. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces.

Wash lemongrass, drain and chop finely. Red onion, garlic peeled and minced.

Step 2: Marinate the meat

Marinate the chicken with a little seasoning, curry, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, fish sauce, ⅔ shallot, garlic and minced lemongrass to taste. About 30 minutes to infuse the seasoning.

Step 3: Proceed to chicken stock

How to make a simple chicken curry with lemongrass for a weekend meal

Turn on the pot and turn on the stove, add a little non-fragrant cooking oil with the rest of the chopped onion and garlic. At this time, add 1 teaspoon of curry powder and stir-fry until fragrant.

Add the previously marinated chicken mixture and stir until the meat is cooked again, then add 1 cup of filtered water, close the lid at the same time. Reduce heat to low for about 10 minutes.

Occasionally pay attention to open the lid and stir the meat to cook evenly.

When the chicken broth is almost dry, add sesame oil, season to taste and taste Turn the heat to high and stir until the water thickens, then turn off the stove.

Finished Product

How to make a simple chicken curry with lemongrass for a weekend meal

Ladle the chicken into a plate and then eat it hot with white rice. Now enjoy the chicken braised with lemongrass and chili peppers with a thick, salty, spicy, spicy sauce with a strong aroma of curry and lemongrass.

Do not forget to stir-fry vegetables or prepare some cucumbers for a nutritious family meal.

Very simple, right? You only need to spend a few minutes to do it. Wish you success and deliciousness with this curry chicken dish!

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