Scented wax has a divine use in helping to keep the house smelling fresh, so I would like to share 5 types of scented wax that are always favored by women in terms of quality as well as price.

After hours of tiring work, when entering the house, strange odors appear that make me feel the most uncomfortable. Therefore, room scented wax is an effective, safe and economical solution that you need to know to keep your little room smelling fresh all day long.

Along with the tastes of consumers, there are many sources of scented wax on the market. So how do women choose scented waxes that are both safe, effective and affordable? Here is the necessary information for users to choose to buy the best room fragrances

firstGlade Room Scented Lavender

Glade Scented Wax Origin Thailand is a high end product. In particular, Glade Lavender brings the smell Lavender scent is cool, gentle, creating a feeling of relaxation for the spirit along with Compact box design You can place it in many different spaces such as living room, bedroom, car. Users can also adjust the lid to expand the ability to disperse odors. That is the reason why this product is loved and appreciated by many customers.

Reference price is about 49,000 VND/180g.

2Glade room scented wax early

High-class room fragrance – Glade morning fragrance is popular, because Natural, fresh scent creates a feeling of excitement for a new day full of energy. Use suitable for many private spaces to common spaces. With the advantages of safe and easy-to-use natural ingredients for many spaces, it has captured the tastes of consumers.

Reference price: 49 thousand VND/180g.

3Glade room scented wax

Anti-mosquito wax – Glade floral scent with ingredients Extracted from the scent of natural flowers, fragrant grass brings a pleasant feeling like natural scent, favored by many people. The scent lasts for many weeks, bringing a pleasant feeling when exposed, helping the spirit to relax and be excited at work and daily activities.

Reference price: 49 thousand VND/180g.

4Ylang-scented Ami Wax

Ylang Ami Scented Wax is a prestigious product made in Vietnam that is highly appreciated in the market. Ami scented wax Contains natural aromatic oils, helps to deodorize and lasts long, along with a compact design is a good choice for you. However, the scent is quite strong, like the smell of soap.

Reference price: 37 thousand VND/200g.

5Rojzy Jiali room scented wax with strawberry flavor

The product is made in Vietnam, with a strong and sweet strawberry scent. Small and beautiful design like a rose, easy to place in every corner of the house, the price is cheaper than other products. However, there is a limitation that the lid cannot adjust the level of aroma, inconvenient when it needs to be closed.

Reference price: 15 thousand VND/74g.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing scented wax.

– Need to pay attention to the composition of aromatic wax. Choose natural ingredients, medicinal herbs that do not cause irritation to the respiratory tract, brain or user’s health.

– Avoid buying deodorant wax products of unknown origin on the market. Users should choose to buy at reputable establishments, big brands to ensure control of the wax composition used

– Depending on the place where the scented wax is stored, select scented waxes with the appropriate scent to achieve the best effect. Bedrooms should choose gentle scents, natural ingredients. Toilets should choose wax with a strong smell to overwhelm the smell and disperse other strange odors.

Using room wax will help the space become more comfortable and fragrant. The above article helps you to evaluate and choose the right scented wax.

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