What are the benefits of ready-to-drink infant formula and should mothers use pre-mixed infant formula instead of formula? Refer to get information to choose and use!


– The most obvious advantage of ready-to-use powdered milk is that it is quite convenient to use.

– Mothers do not need to worry about preparing milk-making equipment, boiling water and adjusting the amount of water – milk as well as water temperature,… Just plug the straw into the milk box for your baby to drink directly, or pour it into the bottle. baby’s milk for baby.

Ready-to-use powdered milk is simple and convenient

Ready-to-use powdered milk is simple and convenient

– Mothers do not have to spend time making milk at night many times for the baby, and especially handy when the baby and mother go out together. It’s quick and hygienic!

– For school-age children, ready-to-drink infant formula is the optimal choice for mothers who want to supplement a comprehensive source of nutrition for their children.

– And if mothers are worried, will the quality ready-to-drink powdered milk be equal to powdered milk? Don’t worry…

Make sure the formula is correct

– Ready-made powdered milk only changes in milk form, no difference in quality compared to the powdered milk that mothers often use for babies.

– Guaranteed water-milk ratio with all the necessary nutrients for the baby’s development, similar to a cup of breast milk prepared as required.

Ready-to-drink powdered milk with dual nutrition is no different from powdered milk

Is it possible that the mother cannot evaluate the quality of the water for the milk, the technology of sterilization and packaging, or the source of the milk? To solve it, mothers should only choose ready-made powdered milk of reputable brands, which are evaluated and guaranteed by the authorities for food quality and safety.

Long-term storage

– If reconstituted breast milk should only be stored for 1 hour at room temperature or up to 2 hours in the refrigerator, the storage time for pre-mixed infant formula can be up to 6 or 8 months (when unopened).).

– The reason is that after preparation, to prevent harmful bacteria and toxins from entering and developing, pre-mixed milk powder is pasteurized before packaging, with special packaging to ensure hygiene and safety.

– So moms can rest assured to store ready-to-use powdered milk for the baby to use gradually, take a backup when going out…

Easy to test baby milk

– Baby may not like the taste of breast milk bought, or the body is intolerant to that type of milk, causing the baby to have digestive disorders, …

– In the above case, it is much more convenient and economical for the baby to try the ready-to-drink powdered formula than buying a whole box of powdered milk for the baby to try.

Trying ready-made powdered milk is convenient and economical compared to trying powdered milk

Trying ready-made powdered milk is convenient and economical compared to trying powdered milk

Try ready-made powdered milk, if your baby likes it, you can buy it in bulk or buy powdered milk with the same label for your baby to use; And if the baby doesn’t like it, you can easily change it to try another brand of milk without wasting as much as the optimal milk.

Small note

– Most of the ready-made powdered milk in Vietnam today is recommended for use with babies over 1 year old.

– If the mother wants to use ready-made powdered milk for a baby under 1 year old, she should choose specialized milk labels according to the baby’s age group, avoiding arbitrary use that affects the health of the digestive system and the comprehensive development of the baby.

Ready-to-drink powdered milk is comparable in quality to canned milk powder, whether there is a difference in usage or selling price. With the listed benefits, believe that mothers can rest assured when choosing ready-to-use powdered milk for their babies to use.