Braised carp with galangal root is a typical dish of Northern people. Follow this article to learn how to make galangal braised carp for a family treat.

On cold rainy days, there is nothing better than having a hot dish of braised carp with galangal with white rice. A rich piece of braised fish with tender bacon, adding sliced ​​galangal with fragrant flesh creates a delicious, irresistible meal.

10 minutes
50 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

firstIngredients for making braised carp with galangal

2Steps to make braised carp with galangal

Step 1 Process materials

The fish you buy is cleaned and then cut into slices.

Thinly sliced ​​pork belly, Braised pork belly with fish will make the dish fatter and tastier.

Wash the galangal and cut it into thin slices. Minced red onion, chopped chili.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Marinate fish and meat

Put the fish and meat in the marinade with 2 tablespoons fish sauce, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon MSG, pepper, red onion, chiligalangal in 30 minutes let in seasoning.

Marinate fish and meatMarinate fish and meat

Step 3 Fish stocks

After you have marinated the fish and meat, you put the pot on the stove with high heat in 5 minutesthen add water to tattoo the fish’s face and then continue to stock with low heat.

When the fish and meat begin to cook and absorb the spices, you Put some colored water in the store for another 30 minutes and then turn off the stove.

Fish stocksFish stocks

3Finished Product

Finally, we have finished the dish of braised carp with galangal with fatty pork belly mixed with fragrant soft carp meat to make the meal more delicious and warm, suitable for cold rainy days.

Finished products of braised carp with galangal

4How to choose fresh carp

To choose fresh, healthy carp, it is necessary to have the following characteristics:

  • Should choose colored carp gills Fresh pink, tight, the skin under the belly is tight, flat, the anus is small and clean

  • Carp right alive and healthy swimming in the water.

  • The fish eyes are large, bright and clear, the pupils are slightly protrudingbright and sticky scales, evenly arranged on the body of the fish.

As for other carp with opaque eyes, concave pupils, black and enlarged gills, sluggish swimming in the water, wrinkled belly skin and soft flesh, they should not be purchased, because they will not tasty.

Choosing fresh carp is an important step to make the dish deliciousChoosing fresh carp is an important step to make the dish delicious

5Tips for making delicious braised carp with galangal root

To be able to cook carp with its own roots, the first thing is to soak the fish in vinegar or lemon juice to help remove the fishy smell of the fish, making the fish meat softer and easier to absorb the spices.

This carp has a rich taste, and is best when the spices are evenly absorbed, and you can store a large amount to save for later. 2-3 days in busy cases.

Wish you success with this simple braised carp with galangal! In addition, you can refer to how to make delicious, bold, and non-fishy braised fish with galangal and lemongrass to make at home!