Black bean brown rice tea is a powerful drink for weight loss. Follow this article to learn how to prepare black bean brown rice tea.

Brown rice is a highly nutritious food that offers numerous health benefits, especially for weight loss purposes, making it an ideal choice for dieters. On the other hand, black beans are also packed with health benefits, including high fiber content, making them highly effective in weight management. Brown rice contains nutrient-rich grains, such as starch, protein, B vitamins, fiber, fat, and calcium, which are particularly beneficial for individuals with diabetes, gout, and heart disease.

Therefore, the combination of brown rice and black beans creates a perfect blend for a weight loss drink that many people have successfully utilized. If you are overweight and aiming for a healthy and balanced body, follow the recipe below to prepare a delicious tea that aids in effective weight loss.

Many women have embraced the practice of using black bean water for weight loss. Combining black beans with brown rice offers a swift and safe method for shedding extra pounds. Let’s find out how to prepare it:


How to Make Black Bean Brown Rice Tea

Step 1: Roasting Brown Rice and Black Beans

First, place the brown rice in a pot and roast it over low heat. Continue roasting until the rice becomes fragrant and some seeds begin to bloom.

Next, transfer the brown rice to a bowl and add the black beans to the pot for roasting. Roast until the beans release a pleasant aroma and turn slightly yellow when peeled.

Finally, combine the roasted brown rice and beans together. If you don’t intend to use them immediately, store them in a dry place for gradual consumption.

Step 2: Brewing the Tea

Cook black bean brown rice tea

Combine 1 liter of water with 100g of roasted brown rice and black beans in a pot. Close the lid and boil for approximately 10 minutes.

After boiling for 10 minutes, the water will turn reddish brown. Turn off the stove but keep the pot covered to allow the water to cool down.

Once the water has cooled, use a sieve to strain out the rice and beans.

Final Product

Lose weight, beautiful skin with black bean brown rice tea

Once the rice and beans have been strained, you will have black bean brown rice tea. The tea is highly aromatic and easy to drink, particularly when served chilled. It is recommended to prepare and consume the tea throughout the day, avoiding overnight storage to prevent spoilage.

Consume approximately 1 liter of brown rice tea daily as a replacement for your regular tea. It can be enjoyed anytime, along with a well-balanced exercise regimen to achieve desired results. Additionally, the strained brown rice and black beans can be consumed instead of regular rice, further contributing to weight loss.

The above steps outline how to prepare effective black bean brown rice tea for weight loss. Start implementing them today to shape your body.

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