The idea is simple, but washing clothes by hand also needs to be washed properly, to ensure clean, colorfast, and yarn-durable clothes. Refer to the best way to wash clothes below.

It is not enough just to mix detergent into water and put clothes in a basin to wash clothes by hand. If you want to protect the color, fabric, and durability of clothes, please refer to the following article.

firstCheck and sort clothes before washing

Check the instruction manual of the clothesCheck the instruction manual of the clothes

Clothes don’t have to be washed whatever they want, but depending on the fabric, the manufacturer can its own manual and laundry on product information stamps.

You should check to see what type of laundry can be hand washed with water, the appropriate washing temperature, detergent used, whether it is wrung dry, and sort them.

At the same time should divide clothes by type into 2 groups of white clothes and colored clothes, to wash them separately, to avoid color staining. In each of these groups, it is divided according to its degree of soiling, because heavily soiled or specially stained clothes will need more thorough soaking and rinsing.

Sorting clothes when washing by handSorting clothes when washing by hand

Note: You also need to Sort out which clothes need a brush and which only need a hand rub. With the types collared shirt or thick trousers you should use a brush. What about the Soft fabrics, velvet or leather goods may only be crumpled.

2Choose washing temperature

Many people will feel superfluous, but in fact each fabric has a certain standard of washing water temperature to make them easier to clean and protect the fabric better.

Sorting clothes when washing by handSorting clothes when washing by hand

You can consult The appropriate temperature to use to wash each type of fabric is as follows:

  • Clothes are discolored or prone to fabric shrinkage: Use a washing water temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius.

  • Clothing linen, cotton, synthetic wool, fabrics: washing water temperature choose about 40 degrees Celsius.

  • Clothes of felt, synthetic cotton: use washing water about 50 degrees Celsius.

  • Bed sheets, baby clothes or towels Should be washed at 60 degrees C to kill bacteria.

You should choose Pre-wash the group of clothes that need the lowest heatthen add hot water as needed to wash the next groups of clothes.

If the clothing label does not specify the temperature you should choose, use cool or slightly warm water to wash your clothes quickly.

3Mix washing powder (washing liquid) and soak clothes (if necessary)

Choose the right detergent or liquid detergent for hand washing, Dilute them with water in proportion instructions on the package, compatible with the amount of clothes to be washed.

Mix detergent when washing clothes by handMix detergent when washing clothes by hand

Less dirty clothes can be put in a basin of washing water and washed immediately, but with heavily soiled clothes you should Soak for about 30 minutes to soften the dirt before washing.

4Wash and rinse clothes after washing

When washing, you must wash and rub both sides of the garment. Note to collared shirt you need to pay attention to thoroughly clean the collar part, also with Pants need to pay attention to clean