Mothers always want to provide milk for their babies in the most complete way. Diet is very important, so what to eat to get more milk and what foods to avoid?

Mothers after giving birth all want to have a lot of milk to provide adequate nutrition for their children, immediately refer to the following article to know What should I eat to help my mother have more milk and what foods should I not eat to avoid losing milk? Please.

firstWhat foods should mothers eat?

Breast milk is very good and very important for the development of the baby, so after giving birth, mothers need to have enough milk for the baby. Some foods that help mothers have more milk should be added to their daily diet such as beef, sweet potato, jute vegetables, water, papaya, etc.

2Foods mothers should not eat

Piper lolot

Lot leaves contain a lot of carotene which is not good for mothers

In 1 bay leaf contains up to 8.1 mg of carotene. According to the doctors, v has side effects for pregnant and lactating women. When used in large doses, it will block the milk ducts in the mammary glands and make the milk more liquid.


Parsley is a food that causes milk congestion

This is a favorite vegetable that mothers put in dishes to add flavor and color. But it is difficult for anyone to believe that coriander is also the culprit causing milk blockage of pregnant mothers who are raising children. If you use parsley regularly, you can do it Breast milk has a strange smell and lost milk completely.

In addition to parsley, mom also noted should not eat much scallions, hot peppers, garlic, mint, etc. to avoid loosening the milk and causing bad odors.


Asparagus contains HCN toxins that are harmful to nursing mothers

Asparagus stew with pork feet is said to be quite nutritious for mothers. However, asparagus is an enemy to the milk supply in the nursing mother’s body. The amount of Cyanide in asparagus when acting with the enzyme will produce HCN . poison. This type of poison makes the breasts pain, bad smell and clogged milk.

Asparagus, fresh or dried, is harmful to breast milk. Doctors advise breastfeeding mothers not to eat a lot of these foods.


Cabbage relieves milk and reduces breast engorgement

Cabbage contains a large amount of Polyphenols, which are effective anti-inflammatory agents. Mothers who want Reduce milk and reduce breast engorgement You should use cabbage. But for mothers who are low on milk, cabbage is not a good food for breast milk.

Many topical creams with cabbage-based ingredients also have the same effect. Mothers need to be careful when using these creams.

Abstinence after giving birth is very important, you should find out carefully what to eat for pregnant women to take care of them in the best way!

Besides the above foods, mothers also need to stay away from harmful stimulants such as coffee, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, etc. to protect and give their babies the most abundant and pure breast milk. Combine with dairy foods to provide your baby with adequate nutrition.

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