Wondering what to cook for your family this weekend? Check out the menu below!

Our rice tray will be very round because with the delicious braised snakehead fish, with delicious sweet and sour fried ribs, a sip of fish and pickle soup seasoned just right, and finally dessert with cool pomegranate juice. With only these 4 dishes, you can easily please your family.

firstBraised snakehead fish with meat

Snakehead fish is a very familiar fish to many families, often processed to make dishes, especially braised fish. Snakehead fish meat is soft, braised with fatty pork belly, seasoned with rich flavor and full of flavor. , add a little spiciness of chili, it will surely make your whole family whisper non-stop.

See how to make braised snakehead fish here: How to make braised snakehead fish with rich meat, the fish meat is sure to attract the last piece

2Stir-fried sweet and sour ribs with tomato

If you are a person who likes to eat ribs, surely this sweet and sour fried ribs with tomatoes will make you unforgettable. The bite of ribs has a strong sweet taste combined, along with the moderate sour taste of tomatoes, which will make the meal more attractive.

If you don’t know how to cook this dish to be both delicious and beautiful, watch now: How to make sweet and sour fried ribs with delicious tomatoes, husband and children just want to eat it all the time.

3Pickle fish soup

Pickle fish soup will be a good choice for your meal this weekend, both a cooling and delicious soup. Learn how to make this fish and pickle soup right away so that it is not fishy, ​​still ensuring the inherent sweetness of fish meat, and the sour taste of pickles.

What are you waiting for, watch it now: Change the taste with fish and pickle soup for a cool lunch

4Pomegranate Juice

As a fruit containing many vitamins good for health, pomegranate not only helps you replenish nutrients for your body, but also helps you have a fresh, smooth, and full of life skin. Why not prepare pomegranate juice as a dessert for the whole family after a meal.

The way to make this juice is very simple: If you want to have beautiful skin, drink pomegranate juice every day

Hopefully, through the above article, it has helped you have an attractive enough menu so that you can prepare a great meal with your family. Good luck to you and your family.

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