In the face of the increasingly complicated Corona virus situation, everyone, please add foods to help strengthen your resistance to prevent Corona. Check out this weekend’s lunch tray.

No matter how tired a week is, just a tray of delicious and nutritious rice will “disappear” away. Sweet and sour pineapple braised pork with rice served with stir-fried spinach with fresh minced meat. And how is it possible to lack a clam soup cooked with gourd that is both frugal and sweet. Finally, the whole family will have dessert together with a vitamin-rich orange smoothie to strengthen the body’s resistance.

firstPineapple braised meat

Pineapple braised meatPineapple braised meat

This dish will not cause too much difficulty for you because the ingredients are already quite familiar to each of us. Pineapple is known as a fruit with abundant vitamin C content, which not only promotes a healthy immune system, aids digestion, but also reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, … more .

The dish will create a new and extremely unique feeling because the pork is both rich in flavor but not fat, causing a feeling of suffocation mixed with the sweet and sour taste of fresh pineapple. You can serve it with hot rice, cucumber and raw vegetables. Make sure that you only have to try it once and you will want to eat it again and again.

2Stir-fried spinach with minced meat

A tray of rice full of nutrients, helping to strengthen resistance

Stir-fried spinach with minced meat is simple but extremely nutritious, especially for people with anemia. Minced meat is marinated with strong flavor, after stir-frying, it is fragrant and soft, not chewy, while spinach has just cooked to bring a green color, crispy sweet and inherent characteristic flavor. The dish will be much more delicious when you use it when it’s freshly stir-fried, served with white rice, dipped in a little soy sauce with a few slices of red pepper. Simple yet irresistible.

3Clam soup cooked with gourd

A tray of rice full of nutrients, helping to strengthen resistance

This is a soup that is not only familiar on the rice tray on hot days of Vietnamese people, but also famous for its freshness and sweetness that everyone wants to enjoy once. There are many different types of gourd soup, but with this dish, it only takes a little clams to cook with a few young gourds to have a great bowl of soup. Although it is quite a simple dish, it is especially delicious and attractive with fragrant sweet clam meat, soft gourd and sweet and cool soup to “numbness”. The soup is easy to cook and easy to eat with a frugal, naturally sweet taste from popular ingredients, yet it has already made many people miss.

4Orange Smoothie

A tray of rice full of nutrients, helping to strengthen resistance

Instead of eating fresh oranges, drinking smoothies will also help strengthen the body’s resistance to prevent bacteria and viruses from invading, add calories as well as get the maximum amount of nutrients and fiber. Orange smoothie is always an attractive drink not only because of its delicious taste but also because it contains antioxidants and an abundant amount of vitamin C for health. Orange has a sour taste, mild sweetness, helps stimulate eating, and at the same time, helps anorexic people to be more appetizing. The combination of oranges, milk and ice cubes has created an extremely delicious, sweet and unique smoothie. Especially, in the situation of alarming disease caused by Corona virus, this drink will be a great choice for health.

Hopefully with the above suggestions, your family’s weekend meal is not only delicious but also full of nutrients for each member. Just a few simple dishes but full of love.