At the end of the week you have not thought of what to eat, I will suggest you a delicious and nutritious tray of rice for a warm, round family meal. Let’s refer.

A tray of rice with braised perch with the right taste, along with sweet and fragrant morning glory soup with shrimp, adding the spicy taste of nail snails sautéed with garlic butter and dessert with jelly and coffee with milk is a real treat. The menu isn’t bad, is it?

firstAnabas cooked with fishsauce Bowl

Weekend rice tray

Many of you must have known this braised perch dish already. Not only has the delicious, soft taste of perch, but also has a little more fatty taste from pork. Stored at the right level, absorbent. This is a dish that the whole family will enjoy.

If you do not know how to make this delicious braised perch, please see it right away: How to make braised perch without fishy, ​​beautiful color looks hungry right away.

2Sour soup with water spinach cooked with shrimp

Weekend rice tray

As a suitable dish for both rainy or hot days, water spinach soup with shrimp is a great choice for your meal. After eating rich braised perch, tasting a sip of sour soup with a moderate taste, adding a little spicy chili, sweet aroma of shrimp and green morning glory, just thinking about it is very attractive.

Don’t wait to see how to cook this soup: Water spinach sour soup cooks shrimp so easily but many people don’t know how to do it.

3Sauteed Nail Snails with Garlic Butter

Weekend rice tray

Don’t think snails are just for snacks, this garlic butter fried nail snail dish will be a dish that will make your whole family fall in love with it. The nail snail is crispy, with the rich taste of butter, with the characteristic aroma of garlic, and a little spicy chili, this dish is not only delicious when eaten with rice paper, but also a dish to eat in a meal. there.

This dish is not difficult to make, see now: How to make an attractive garlic butter fried nail snail dish, the whole family will love it.

4Milk coffee jelly

Weekend rice tray

At the end of the meal, after eating salty foods, you should eat something cool and sweet. I would like to suggest milk coffee jelly. This dish is not only cool but also very delicious, especially for children, this jelly dish cannot be ignored.

See how to make delicious milk coffee jelly for your baby here: Dessert for the whole family with milk coffee jelly.

Hope this article has helped you when you need to make a menu for a family meal. Good luck to you and your family.