Stress and anxiety make your sleep not good. The unpleasant smell of the room makes you more tired. Let’s learn how to choose essential oils for bedroom to improve sleep quality with Bach Hoa Xanh.

Why should you use essential oils in the bedroom?

  • The scent makes you feel good, relax your mind, and fall asleep faster.
  • Essential oils with natural extracts aroma, high diffusion, impact on the brain, help soothe the spirit, reduce stress effectively.
  • Fragrance is also a medicine to reduce the symptoms of headaches and depression

How to choose essential oils for bedroom

How to choose essential oils for the bedroom

  • The aromas of frankincense, cinnamon put you to sleep quickly, but their diffusion is low, so use the same nebulizer to increase the diffusion.
  • Meanwhile, menthol, orange, lemon, lemongrass … with fragrance helps to purify the air, create a cool feeling for the room, repel insects, help you feel comfortable, improve quality sleep.

How to choose essential oils for bedroom

Other room spray products

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  • In addition to essential oils, you can use room spray with a mild fragrance, making the bedroom more fragrant.
  • If using room spray, you should note to use it 30 minutes before entering the bedroom, so that the scent is no longer too strong and does not cause discomfort.
  • You should use products with fragrance extracted from lavender, lemon, orange, lemongrass …

How to choose essential oils for bedroom

With the above information, we hope that you will choose for yourself essential oils as well as fragrance products for your bedroom. Do not forget to choose to buy products at reputable stores.