Snakehead fish sour soup cooked in Western style is a rustic but very attractive dish. With this article, I will tell you how to cook delicious Western sour soup in the right way.

Sour soup cooked in Western style is usually sour soup of snakehead fish. Snakehead fish meat is firm, soft and fragrant, combined with sweet and sour soup, promises to be an attractive dish for your family meal. To make snakehead fish sour soup, you need the following fresh ingredients:

firstIngredients for snakehead fish sour soup

2How to cook snakehead fish sour soup

Step 1 Process materials

Process materials
Process materials

Snakehead fish bought at the market you can ask the seller Clean the intestines, remove the gills, and remove the scales before bringing it home. To reduce the fishy and slimy smell of fish, you use salt and 1 sliced ​​lemon rub lightly on the fish then rinse. Cut into bite-sized slices.

Marinated fish with a pinch of salt, seasoning and minced shallot in about 20 minutes let in seasoning.

Okra Cut off the tail and cut into bite-sized pieceswashed pineapple thinly sliced. Along the net, peeled, sliced ​​thinly, Squeeze with salt.

Tomatoes washed and areca tonictamarind soaked in warm water and Squeeze the water and remove the seeds. Peeled and minced garlic, thinly sliced ​​chili.

Step 2 Cook soup

Cook delicious snakehead fish sour soup
Cook delicious snakehead fish sour soup

Turn on the stove and put a little non-fragrant oil in the pot 1 onion and 2 minced garlic cloves now you put the fish in and turn light, when the fish meat is hunted, you add enough water to eat. At the same time for add pineapple, tomato and tamarind juice pre-processed.

When boiling, you taste the seasoning and skim off the foam so that the broth is clear, add okra along the mosquito net and boil Boil for another 2-3 minutes.

Give add bean sprouts, chopped coriander then turn off the stove.

3Finished product

Snakehead fish sour soup
Snakehead fish sour soup

The ultimate snakehead fish sour soup is finished, now scoop the soup into a bowl and serve it with a cup of salty fish sauce and a few slices of chili. Please enjoy now!

What could be more wonderful than in the sweltering heat of summer, having this delicious and refreshing snakehead fish sour soup for a family meal! Wish you success!

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