The new combination of shrimp and salted eggs will make home meals even more interesting. This article will show you how to make this dish, check it out right away!

Fried shrimp with salted egg has the chewy sweetness of shrimp meat, combined with the outer layer of fried golden brown, salty with salted egg sauce extremely bringing rice. The way to make this dish is very simple, if you do not know what delicious shrimp to make, it only takes 25 minutes to finish this attractive dish!

20 minutes
25 minutes
Intended for
3 people


Good tip: to make the dish more delicious, you should choose fresh shrimp, transparent shrimp body, sturdy and no strange smell
You should choose fresh chicken eggs, shake it without making any noise, the outer shell is a bit dark.

2How to make salted egg fried shrimp

Step 1 Process materials

Wash shrimp, remove legs and peel. You can leave the shell at the top of the shrimp and the tail for a nice look! After cleaning the shrimp, you absorb the water to dry the shrimp.

Boil salted eggs and let cool.

  Process materials Process materials

Step 2 Shrimp fried

Marinate shrimp with a little pepper, seasoning and salt and sugar. Crack an egg into the shrimp, add crispy flour and mix well so that the shrimp is evenly coated with a medium layer of flour.

Heat the pan until hot, add enough oil to cover the shrimp, then Put the shrimp in and deep fry in oil until crispy, then take it outlet dry.

Step 3 Make salted egg sauce

Salted eggs after boiling you cut in half, Take the yolks separately, put them in a bowl and mash them.

Use another pan to heat the stove, put 3 large spoons of butter in the pan, melt. Add minced onion and saute. When the onions are fragrant, you add all the egg yolks that have been pureed and stir-fry with your hands on low heat.

Add seasoning, salt and sugar to taste.

Step 4 Complete fried shrimp with salted egg

When the salted egg sauce thickens, add the fried shrimp to the island and stir well. When the shrimp has absorbed the seasoning, evenly covered with a layer of golden sauce, turn off the heat. So the dish is done.

3Finished Product

Fried shrimp with salted egg is very crispy, shrimp still retains the sweetness of meat, blends with the salty taste of salted eggs, eaten with white rice is extremely delicious. You should eat this dish when it is hot, with salads and dipping sauce for a fuller taste.

I wish you success in making this dish.