Every time the “red light day” comes, women carry the worry of “overflowing the dike”. That’s only if you don’t know how to use tampons properly. The following article helps you to use tampons without spilling!

Not being afraid of spills is just a secondary factor, besides using tampons properly is also to be safe, to avoid allergies and infections. That’s why it’s so important to use tampons correctly. It sounds very simple to use correctly, right? But not sure, please refer to it to adjust the correct use of tampons without overflowing!

firstChoose the right sanitary napkin

First, we need to choose the right type of tampon for our body and menstrual period. The selected tampon should have a thickness, absorbency, and style suitable for your body like mama diapers.

There are different types depending on the menstrual period: daily type, normal type, night type. In terms of design, there are winged and wingless types. On the market today, there are many types of tampons of many brands for women to choose from, you can consider to choose the type of tampon you feel comfortable using.

2How to use sanitary napkins that do not overflow

  • Step 2: Peel off the paper under the tampon and the wings if applicable

  • Step 3: then glue the double-sided adhesive to the inside of the panties and secure the wings to either side of the outside of the pants. You must apply the bandage so that it is directly below the vagina, not forward or backward.

  • Step 4: Put on your underwear as usual and check if the position fits comfortably? If you feel a deviation, you should remove the tape to fit comfortably, also to make sure that your period does not spill out.

  • Step 5: Maintain hygiene, wash your hands thoroughly, remember to check every 2 hours and change the bandage every 4 hours.

That’s it, applying the tape properly makes sure you will no longer have to worry about spills at any time, regular check and change the bandage after a few hours is also a way to keep your mind safe from spills and also help less body odor.

3Notes on how to use tampons

Using tampons correctly is not enough, you need to pay attention to ensure safety and avoid allergies or infections.

  • Should choose the right type of tampon to feel comfortable and have a reputable brand to ensure safety for health because when subjective Choosing poor quality tampons can irritate the skin and even cause scratches vagina leads to a high risk of infection.
  • If when using tampons If you feel itchiness or burning, you should change to another type of tampon.

  • When buying you should check the expiry date of tamponsbecause if expired, this tampon can degrade and cause damage.

  • Change the dressing every 4 hours even less menstrual periods to limit bacterial growth, and the risk of gynecological diseases.

  • When changing tampons, girlfriend Remember to wash your hands wellby not being careful, bacteria from the hands will enter and cause inflammation or some gynecological diseases.

  • Do not throw tampons in the toilet Please, instead throw them in the trash or the toilet will clog and you have to unclog the toilet.

Hopefully, the above way of using non-spill sanitary napkins will help you dispel the worry of “overflowing” in the red light days. At the same time, you also remember the notes to protect this sensitive area absolutely safe!

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