From the age of 3, the baby begins to enter the transition from powdered milk to liquid milk, surely parents are always worried and divided about which milk is good for their baby to drink?

Each child has different developmental milestones depending on the source of nutrition, exercise mode and lifestyle. So the following article will point out the advantages and disadvantages of fresh milk and powdered milk to make it easier for parents to choose.

Introducing to mothers a few popular brands of powdered milk for 3-year-old babies today.

firstDielac Grow Plus 3 years old baby formula (2 – 10 years old)

The best milk powder for 3-year-old babies to help them eat quickly and improve height

Dielac milk powder is a brand of Vinamilk milk – the number 1 milk brand in Vietnam today.

Dielac Grow’s milk formula contains a breakthrough nutrient system Grow-Pro with 34 nutrients including Calcium, Vitamin D3, DHA, Lysin… necessary for the comprehensive development of both brain and body, helping the baby gain weight. and healthy, especially well-developed bones, baby’s height.

2Milk for 3-year-old Nan Optipro 4 Kid (2 – 6 years old)

Which milk is good for 3-year-olds to drink?-3

3-year-old children at the stage of strong physical activity, Nan optipro 4 Kid with the additional formula PROBIOTICS helps children strengthen their immune system, freely play and get dirty without worrying about diseases.

The formula contains all the essential nutrients needed to support physical and brain development.

3Friso Gold Pedia (2 – 6 years old)

Which milk is good for 3-year-olds to drink?-4

Rich in calories, vitamins and minerals to meet nutritional deficiencies in children 2 – 6 years old. The product is especially beneficial for the digestive system and intestines to help increase nutrient absorption with a combination of prebiotics and probiotics (helps stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria).

4Milk for babies 3 years old and up Nuvita Grow

Nuvita Grow milk is a reasonable and timely nutritional measure to help children develop to their maximum height.

Exclusive formula TallMax – IGF1 provides a full range of essential micronutrients: Protein, Calcium, Zinc, Lysin, B vitamins and FOS/Inulin plus prefixes DHA, ARA, Taurin,… to help children absorb nutrients quality, develop to the maximum height and complete brain, ready to welcome the outstanding future.

Not only that, the B vitamins in NutiFood Nuvita Grow will support the energy metabolism and absorption of nutrients in the body, helping children stay healthy and energetic for the whole day, helping them grow taller.

The best milk powder for 3-year-old babies to help them eat quickly and improve height

5Friso Gold Pedia Milk Powder (2 – 6 years old)

Friso Gold Pedia milk powder provides up to 80% of the daily nutritional needs for babies with just 2 cups of milk. Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals with corresponding calories, meeting the micronutrient deficiencies commonly seen in children aged 2-6 years.

The fatty acids in milk fat contribute to the maintenance of intestinal stability and the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb nutrients.

The combination of prebiotics and probiotics helps stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the gut and the production of short-chain fatty acids that support intestinal stability and absorption.

Milk contains many vitamins and substances that promote the physical development of the baby, increasing the ability to develop outstanding height.

The best milk powder for 3-year-old babies to help them eat quickly and improve height

6Abbott Grow G-Power 3 plus 3 years old baby formula

Abbott is a very prestigious brand of milk powder in the world, Vietnamese mothers also quite love this brand, so its products are interested by many people.

Abbott Grow G-Power 3 Plus milk powder has additional ingredients Cholin, Taurin and DHA, thereby helping children enhance memory, brain development, vision, learning ability.

Besides, this milk line is also considered to provide enough necessary nutrients. In addition, mothers can also refer to the Abbott Grow 4 line, which is also very good for babies.

3 years old is usually the transition period of babies using formula milk to fresh milk, liquid milk. Learn and update useful information to help parents choose the best and most suitable milk for their baby.