Are you worried about the bath products you are using on your baby’s tender skin? The article below will tell you the best baby shower gels trusted by many Vietnamese mothers. Let’s learn about safe baby bath

It is important that baby’s skin should be taken care of from birth, that’s why parents invest in choosing from the very beginning of their child’s life. Since babies can suffer from dry skin, oily skin or even eczema, buying a baby shower gel can be difficult.

firstCetaphil baby shower gel

Top 5 best shower gel for babies trusted by many Vietnamese mothers

If your baby has sensitive skin and you’ll want to choose a product that doesn’t contain any ingredients that can irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction, then Cetaphil shower gel is a perfect choice for you.

Is a famous product of Galderma Group from Germany, with ingredients containing Organic Calendula Organic chamomile extract softens skin and increases skin elasticity, Besides, it also contains aloe vera, almond oil, vitamins E and B5 to help moisturize, fight inflammation and heal the skin.

Defect: The price is a bit high, few current models only produce 230ml lines

The market price is about: 245,000 VND/ 230ml bottle.

2Johnson’s Baby top-to-toe shower gel

Top 5 best shower gel for babies trusted by many Vietnamese mothers

Produced by the famous corporation Johnson & Johnson from the US, a famous brand worldwide with baby care products for more than 100 years.

Contains ingredients such as Sorbitan Laurate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl, Betaine, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate,… all of which are standard manufactured.

With tear-free formula with balanced pH will gently clean what water misses such as dirt, bacteria caused by sweat, wastes secreted on the baby’s skin…also helps to protect the natural moisture to bring smooth, healthy skin and softness for the whole hair.

Defect: The scent does not last long on hair and skin.

Market price is about: 152,000 VND / 500ml bottle

3Chicco baby shower gel

Top 5 best shower gel for babies trusted by many Vietnamese mothers

Chicco- a famous luxury brand from Italy, specializes in providing products exclusively for mothers and babies.

With ingredients extracted from nature such as oats to help supplement B vitamins, amino acids to help soften hair, moisturize skin, Helps heal irritated, red skinlactic acid and glycerin in Chicco also Helps balance pH effectivelyIn addition, the product is completely free of alcohol, colorants, does not sting children’s eyes, does not fragrance …

Defect: The price is a bit high.

The market price is about: 250,000 VND / 200ml bottle

4Lactacyd baby shower gel

Top 5 best shower gel for babies trusted by many Vietnamese mothers

Launched around August 2013, Lactacyd is a shower gel that has been recommended by doctors and nurses in obstetrics and pediatrics departments. Produced with Gentle formula with pH 3.5 The product effectively supports the treatment of heat rash, diaper rash and dermatitis, skin infections or boils.

There are also natural ingredients Lactoserum Milk extract effectively moisturizesforming a protective barrier on the baby’s skin firmly, preventing water loss, not causing dry skin, and at the same time nourishing baby’s skin to be soft and smooth.

Defect: Packaging design is not eye-catching, few designs.

The market price is about: 79,000 VND / 250ml bottle.

5Pigeon Baby Shower Gel

Top 5 best shower gel for babies trusted by many Vietnamese mothers

Pigeon shower gel originated in Japan for a long time, specializing in providing quality products specifically for babies that are considered especially safe, beautifully designed and highly safe.

The product contains moisturizing ingredients such as Jojoba oil with mild characteristics with suitable pH does not cause skin irritationeasily absorbed into the skin, clean the skin without losing the natural physiological oils on the skinKeeps baby’s skin smooth and fresh.

Defect: Antibacterial ability is not appreciated.

The market price is about: 39,000 VND / 200ml bottle.

Choosing a baby shower gel is also a way for parents to protect their baby’s skin from exposure to chemicals, but also to limit disease-causing bacteria from the first moments of life. Hopefully, the above information will help mothers feel secure in choosing products for their beloved baby.