Mosquito repellent is a familiar and important device for every family. However, the notes to know when using a mosquito repellent machine are not known to everyone. Here are 5 safe home mosquito repellent devices and Note when using

The coming rainy season is an opportunity for flies and mosquitoes to develop, and it is also the time when dengue fever is raging. Therefore, the mosquito repellent becomes more necessary than ever for families during this time. However, when choosing to use a mosquito repellent, especially an essential oil repellent, families need to have some notes.

firstMosquito repellents are safe and healthy

Mosquito repellent essential oil diffuser

You can use essential oils of lemongrass, lavender, mint, … to help purify the air, repel mosquitoes and many other insects.

With a modern design, effective at first use, this product will help you best protect your family against the attack of mosquitoes and many dangerous insects.

Mosquito repellent essential oil diffuserMosquito repellent essential oil diffuser

Mosquito killer lamp

Mosquito catching lights are lamps that use light to catch mosquitoes to help you kill “uninvited guests”.

This type of lamp simply uses light to kill mosquitoes and ensures no harm to the health of the user like some medicinal products or mosquito scents.

Mosquito killer lampMosquito killer lamp

Air purifier with mosquito killing function

Current air purifiers catch mosquitoes according to a modern mechanism, without using chemicals, with high mosquito catching efficiency, helping to protect family health, helping to prevent dangerous mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever. blood, yellow fever, malaria, typhus, Zika virus…

Using an air purifier is very suitable when the family has pregnant women, young children or you are in areas near rivers, so you should buy air purifiers with the function of catching mosquitoes.

Air purifier with mosquito killing functionAir purifier with mosquito killing function

Use a mosquito racket

Mosquito racket with grid design: included 3 large with aluminum middle layer, 2 large outer stainless steel, not only effectively kill mosquitoes but also especially good and safe.

Nowadays many families use mosquito nets because of their popularity and convenience. Just turn on the racket to move to areas with mosquitoes, when mosquitoes come into contact with the surface of the electric racket, they will immediately die.

Use a mosquito racketUse a mosquito racket

Antibacterial function air conditioner

The air conditioner not only has a cooling function but also has an antibacterial function, deodorizing with Ag crystals, green tea filter, activated carbon, …

These air conditioners help prevent viruses from multiplying and harmful insects to your family such as mosquitoes, flies, …, bringing fresh, cool air to your family.

Antibacterial function air conditionerAntibacterial function air conditioner

2What should be noted when using the mosquito repellent machine?

Choosing a reasonable space for an essential oil diffuser to repel mosquitoes

For some types of mosquito repellent with essential oils, the best effect is to place the machine in a room with an area of ​​about 20 – 30m2.

However, in case your room has a smaller area, to avoid the room being suffocated by the smell of essential oils, you should open the room door.

Choosing the right spaceChoosing the right space

Choose the right essential oil scent when using an essential oil diffuser to repel mosquitoes

If you have someone in your family with allergies or sensitivities such as: Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis or related to diseases of Respiratory… then when choosing to use a mosquito repellent with essential oils, you need to be very careful, especially in choosing the type scent essential oils to suit, Safe to avoid irritation.

Turn off power when not needed

When you want to use the light, you should plug it in, and if you don’t use it, you should Unplug the power supply just to save power, save essential oil and also a way to save money.

Turn off power when not neededTurn off power when not needed

Limit contact with young children

If your family has young children you need to be very careful, Keep children away from essential oils because maybe when children don’t know they will eat, drink poisoning.

Besides, if you don’t use it, you should take the essential oil out and store in a dry place, If left in the machine for a long time not to be used, it will both evaporate the smell of essential oils and sometimes make it affect the durability of the machine.

Ensure proper power supply

To avoid short-circuiting and ensure the machine works well and efficiently, you need to arrange an appropriate power source.

The suitable power source for the mosquito repellent is generally about 220Vif your house has this power source, you can plug the lights directly, and if it’s bigger, you can choose to use a power transfer device to the use of mosquito repellant Economical, efficient, safe.

Ensure proper power supplyEnsure proper power supply

Killing mosquitoes is something you should do, but also keep in mind the notes shared above when using a mosquito repellent to ensure the health and safety of the whole family!

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