Head lice are a fairly common phenomenon that often occurs in young children. Mothers are having a hard time choosing a healing shampoo for their baby. Let’s take a look at some good baby lice shampoos.

Head lice are very contagious when children go to preschool and primary school. School activities with Naps together allow lice to spread from one child to another it’s an easy thing to do. The application of unsafe lice treatments will affect the health of children. That’s why lice shampoos are being trusted quite a lot. Here are some good baby lice shampoos.

firstMother Tam herbal shampoo

Head lice shampoo Mother Plate was born to solve the problem of lice, itchy scalp fungus. Mother Tam has helped thousands of people across the country get rid of lice in just one treatment.

With ingredients extracted from natural herbs, additives Permethrin, sodium, ammonium chloride, distilled water … fragrance and purified water help remove lice effectively.

2Kobee lice shampoo

Shampoo against head lice, lice Kobee It is recommended by specialists for its outstanding advantages such as: safety, fast effect, …

The product has the main ingredients are some medicinal herbs for high lice treatment such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Amonium Chloride, Amaranth Color and water and a few other natural scents.

3Shampoo cleans lice and lice, Sister Tam

Shampoo to remove lice, lice Ms. Tam Made with all-natural ingredients that are completely safe for your baby.

Extracted from natural herbs, additives Permethrin, grapefruit essential oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium chloride, amaranth, distilled water … fragrance and purified water help quickly kill parasites on the skin such as lice, lice , aphids,…

4Ylang lice shampoo

Y LANG special shampoo with the main ingredient is the active ingredient Pyrethrenoide, which quickly and effectively destroys skin parasites such as lice and lice. Y Lang shampoo helps you be more confident with clean, lice-free hair.

5Aladdin lice shampoo

Aladin medicated lice shampoo with betel nut extract and turmeric has extremely good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, there are basil, five-color grass, and mulberry are medicinal herbs that women have known to use to wash their hair every day to help kill lice and regain shiny, smoother hair.

6A few notes when treating baby lice

– Lice is a disease that spreads very quickly, so when detected, it is necessary to immediately find a way to kill it.

– Should find out the cause of head lice to treat and prevent the baby at the root.

– Need Clean blankets, pillows, bedding and even your baby’s clothes to get rid of lice and nits still clinging to it.

– When a child has lice Do not share combs, wear the same hat and clean clothes at all times. Drying clothes in the sun also helps kill harmful germs.

It is necessary to thoroughly and completely eradicate lice and nits to avoid them re-emerge

It is necessary to thoroughly and completely eradicate lice and nits to avoid them re-emerge

Choosing a baby lice shampoo is very important, it determines the effectiveness and safety of your baby’s health when applying lice control. Mothers, regardless of whether they choose to use any type, need to carefully learn the ingredients, application and effectiveness before using them for their babies.