Constipation is a condition that almost every child suffers from. To treat constipation, mothers can give children fruit smoothies that are good for digestion. Bach Khoa GREEN would like to introduce to you how to make 5 delicious smoothies to treat constipation for children.

How to make peach smoothie and fresh milk to treat constipation for babies

Peach and fresh milk smoothie is a harmonious and delicious combination for your baby. Milk is a nutritional supplement for babies.

Besides, peaches contain many fiber and alkalivery beneficial in Absorb water, remove toxins out of the intestinal tract and prevent many kinds of digestive disorders different.

Peach and fresh milk smoothie

To make a peach and fresh milk smoothie, you peel the peaches, remove the seeds and chop them into pieces, then put the peaches and fresh milk in the blender to puree.

How to make aromatic smoothies, celery and yogurt to treat constipation for babies

In addition to the delicious taste suitable for summer refreshments, pineapple, celery, yogurt in this smoothie contains many Vitamins A, B, C and lactis beneficial for the digestive tract.

When processing aromatic smoothies, celery, yogurt, mothers should pay attention to the amount of yogurt Use appropriate for the age of the child.

Children 8 – 10 months old should only use 50g of yogurt per day. Children 1-2 years old use less than 80g and over 2 years old use less than 100g of yogurt per day.

Aromatic smoothies, celery and yogurt

The way to make this smoothie is very simple, just put the sliced ​​celery, peeled pineapple and yogurt in a moderate amount into the blender, then pour it into a glass for your baby to enjoy.

How to make fresh milk papaya smoothie

In addition to fresh milk with many nutrients, this smoothie also contains papaya which is very beneficial for digestion.

Protein-degrading yeast contains many vitamins A, B1, B2, C of papaya combined with fat in fresh milk to create an effective drink Regulate and treat constipation effective.

Fresh milk papaya smoothie

As simple as fresh milk peach smoothie, to make fresh milk papaya smoothie, just peel the ripe papaya, put the milk and papaya into the blender and you have prepared a nutritious drink for your baby. .

How to make baby apple smoothie with cabbage, soy milk

This can be quite a strange smoothie for many babies. Vitamin U in cabbage helps to heal wounds ulcers caused by constipationapples contain a lot of fiber and soy milk are all effective in treating constipation.

Cabbage, apple, soy milk smoothie

The steps to make this smoothie are quite simple. You should choose to buy fresh cabbage, for raw, washed, peeled and chopped. Peel the apples, remove the seeds and cut them into small pieces, then add the cabbage, apples, and soy milk to a blender.

Smoothie melon, banana, fresh milk

This is one of the smoothies that are quite easy to drink for children over 1 year old. A smoothie of melon, banana, and fresh milk can help prevent and relieve constipation.

Not only that, this is also a drink to help babies Stimulate taste, improve picky eating and for deeper sleep.

Smoothie melon, banana, fresh milk

The way to make this smoothie is very easy, just peel the melon, remove the seeds and put it in a blender along with sliced ​​bananas and fresh milk.

Above are 5 types of vitamins that are good for the digestive system and improve the baby’s constipation. Try applying the above combinations to create a delicious and healthy dessert for your baby! Good luck!

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