Surprise is a part of happiness, especially when created by a Valentine gift made by yourself. With 4 ways to make chocolate truffles for this Valentine’s Day, it will surely help you create memorable memories marking your own love path.

Some say February is the month of love, the month of happiness. Because Valentine’s Day exists in it, it has brought more or less emotions to each person. Because of that, chocolate has naturally become a symbol of love. Tasting a piece of chocolate, we will feel the full taste of bitter, sweet, …

Similar to when experiencing love, sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s bitter, but in general, love always gives people pleasure when experiencing it. And this Valentine’s season, try to give your loved one these chocolate truffles below to create great memories.

firstClassic truffle


– 360ml heavy cream (fat cream)

– 315g dark chocolate chips

– Cocoa powder (optional)

Doing: First, put the pot on the stove, add the heavy cream and chocolate chips, stir until the mixture is smooth and completely melted. Then, pour into a small tray, freeze for about 1 hour. When the mixture has frozen, use a spoon to scoop out each serving and roll into balls. Finally, cover with cocoa powder and you’re done.

2White chocolate chip truffle


– 180ml heavy cream (fat cream)

– 5ml vanilla (liquid)

– 315g white chocolate chips

– Dark chocolate chips (optional)

Doing: Put the pot on the stove, add heavy cream, vanilla and white chocolate chips, respectively, and melt until smooth. Then, pour them into the tray, freeze for about 15 minutes, then take them out. At this point, you sprinkle an amount of dark chocolate chips as you like on the surface and mix well, continue to freeze for another hour. Next, scoop out the mixture and shape it into medium-sized balls. At the same time, put the pot on the stove, melt an amount of dark chocolate chips just enough to make a coating for the truffle. Finally, dip the truffles into the liquid chocolate mixture and let them solidify naturally.

3Dark chocolate and peanut butter truffle


– 480ml heavy cream (fat cream)

– 315g dark chocolate

– Peanut butter (optional)

– Crushed roasted peanuts (optional)

Method: First, put heavy cream and dark chocolate in a pot, cook until melted and blend together. Next, pour the mixture into the tray and spend about 1 hour to freeze. Then scoop out each portion and roll it into bite-sized pieces. Meanwhile, melt the right amount of peanut butter for the outer shell. Finally, dip the truffles in melted peanut butter, then roll over a layer of crushed peanuts and you’re done.

4Cookies Cream truffle


– 24 oreo chocolate vanilla ice cream cakes

– 120ml heavy cream (fresh milk cream)

– 315g white chocolate chips

– Milk chocolate (optional)

Doing: First, separate the cream and oreo crust into 2 separate parts. The shell is smashed, and the vanilla ice cream is cooked with heavy cream, white chocolate chips to form a truffle mixture. Roll them into small bite-sized balls after pouring them into the tray and freezing for about 1 hour. At the same time, melt just enough milk chocolate to dip the truffles in. Finally, after dipping, cover them with a battered crust and you’re done.

Hopefully with the above chocolate truffle recipes will help you score points in the eyes of your lover. The method is not too picky or complicated, you just need to spend a little time to be able to do it.

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