Red Bull energy drink, also known as Red Bull, is a very popular beverage in Vietnam. Taking advantage of the sales of the product, fake butts are produced rampantly, making users bewildered. So how to distinguish real and fake energy drinks?

Red Bull is also known as Bull butt, Bull. This is a drink originating from Thailand. Initially, Red Bull was a nutritional drink, without gas, later developed by foreign investors into an energy drink and spread around the world.

On the Vietnamese market, Red Bull has two types: One is produced in Thailand and the other is produced in Vietnam.

Depending on the characteristics of the region and the eating habits of each country, Red Bull is modified to suit the culture of each place. Red Bull has a can design with 250ml compact size, copper yellow can.

This is considered one of the most popular energy drinks on the Vietnamese market. It is because of such popularity that many ingredients have tried to fake this drink at a very cheap price.

The most common counterfeiting method is the imitation of Red Bull’s design. Buyers who are not careful can easily lead to buying the wrong product of poor quality. So how to recognize real Red Bull and fake Red Bull?



For genuine Red Bull energy drinks, the logo is image of 2 cows with sharp horns are in the position of “butting” each other, in the middle is a yellow circle, white border.

Below the logo is the word Thai in blue, followed by the word KRATINGDAENG and the familiar RedBull brand just below.

As for the fake Red Bull products The cow design will be different and the figure in the middle is not a circle (hexagon, oval,…) or a circle of a different color.

In addition, the product name is also changed to be different from the original name, some Fake product names you can refer to are: RedDeer, Red Saola, RedGold, QileBull, RedDemi, Red Star, Red Goats, Buffalo Goat,…

Here are a few pictures of Red Bull’s imitation products for your reference:

Red Bull imitation, fakeThe image of the cow is different, the middle one is not a circle, the product name is RedGold not Red Bull

Red Bull fake, fakeThe image of 2 cows has been changed to the image of 2 deer, the middle circle also has a red border, the product name is RedDeer

Red Bull fake, fakeThe logo is completely different, the product name is Qile Bull, in addition, there are Chinese characters


Genuine Red Bull eyelets will be red and carved in the shape of a bull similar to the logo. This is a “expensive” distinction because other fake products only have red eyelets but no cows.

Real and fake Red Bull cans ring


The composition of the genuine Red Bull energy drink will be as follows:

Water, Sugar, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid (330), Taurine (1000mg), Stabilizer: Sodium hydrogen carbonate (500ii), mixed fruit flavoring, caffeine, inositol (50mg), lysine ( 50mg), choline (50mg). Preservative: Sodium benzoate (211). Vitamin B3 (20mg), Vitamin B5 (5mg), Vitamin B6 (3mg), synthetic color: Tartrazin Gold (102) and Do Ponteau 4R (124), Vitamin B12 (49).

Genuine RedBull Ingredients

Look carefully at the composition of the Red Bull can you are holding, if not, you may have bought a fake product.


With genuine Red Bull energy drink, the product will be manufactured at Red Bull (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., Address: Hanoi Highway, Binh Thang Ward, Di An, Binh Duong under copyright of: TC Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. (Thailand). If the product you buy is not made here, it is definitely a fake product.

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