Crab hotpot is a cool dish, extremely suitable to cool off on hot days. Let’s make this dish to treat the whole family on the weekend.

Crab hot pot is cooked from naturally sweet and sweet field crab meat, combined with the delicious fat from crab bricks and slightly sour from tomatoes, which will make this dish extremely delicious. With easy-to-find hot pot ingredients and spices, we can cook a delicious copper crab hotpot at home by ourselves.

firstHow to cook crab hotpot

How to cook crab hotpot

30 minutes
45 mins
Intended for
2-3 people

Ingredients for cooking crab hotpot

Good tip:
– To choose to buy delicious field crabs, you should choose crabs that have The shell is shiny, golden, the crab’s claws are small, the body is firm, and the body is not fragmented and should choose female crabs that will have many bricks and very firm meat.
– Good beef is beef that has bright red mixed with white veins and bright yellow fat. The outside has good elasticity, does not stick to the hand.

Ingredients for cooking crab hotpotIngredients for cooking crab hotpot

Steps to take

Step 1 Preliminary processing of crabs

After buying copper crabs, you put in a bowl of water with a few teaspoons of salt to shake many times, to clean the dirt outside the crab body.

Then you turn the crab’s bib up, take a sharp knife hit the hollow under the crab’s belly until the legs and more straightened. Then you could can separate the crab shell, the spongy egg part in the bib. You should Use a clean spoon to remove the crab bricks and put them in the bowl.

Preliminary processing of crabsPreliminary processing of crabs

After that, you wash it with water again and then take it away Soak in diluted salt water for about 15 minutes, then rinsethen you take away pounded or pureed.

Good tip: When pounding or grinding crabs, you should Adding a little salt will help the crab sauce form a more delicious array and limit shooting of the shell to the outside.

Finally you Put the ground crab in a bowl with about 2 liters of clean waterpuree about 5 minutes then filter the crab juice, discard the carcass.

Step 2 Prepare and marinate beef

When you buy beef, you wash it, deodorize it, slice it thinly, and marinate it with about 2 cloves minced garlic, 1 small minced ginger, 1/2 teaspoon seasoning, 1/3 teaspoon sugar, 1/3 teaspoon MSG, 1 tablespoon cooking oil, 1/2 tablespoon fried onion , 1/2 tbsp fried garlic for about 20 minutes to infuse the spices.

  Prepare and marinate beef Prepare and marinate beef

Step 3 Prepare other ingredients

You use 2 washed tomatoes, 1 fruit is used to cut pomegranate seeds, 1 fruit is used to cut areca. Onions, you wash and cut into small pieces.

Meanwhile, purple onions, you use 3 peeled, sliced, 3-4 peeled and smashed, lemongrass washed cut and smashed.

For the accompanying raw vegetables, please Remove the leaves after, damaged, then wash, soak with salt water clean and then dry.

Prepare other ingredientsPrepare other ingredients

Tofu, you Cut into small squares, then fry until golden brown is to be.

Bones are you washed, cut into pieces and rubbed with salt several timeswash it again Blanch in boiling water to reduce the fishy smell.

Step 4 Bone broth for broth

You put the bone in the pot with about 2 liters of water along with 3-4 crushed purple onions to simmer for about 30 minutes. Then you Remove the bones and onions to get the broth.

Bone broth for brothBone broth for broth

Step 5 Stir-fry crab bricks

You put an oil pan on the stove, Add thinly sliced ​​purple onion to sauteLater Take out the purple onion and add the tomatoes to stir-fry along with 1 tablespoon fish sauce, stir well.

Next, you put crab bricks in back and forth for 2-3 minutes until the crab bricks are melted, turn off the stove.

Stir-fry crab bricksStir-fry crab bricks

Step 6 Cook hotpot

Friend Put the filtered crab juice and bone broth into the pot, Cook over medium heat until it boils Remove crab meat and set aside. Then you add the green onions.

Finally you Season to taste, then turn off the stovescoop out into a small pot, add tofu, crab sauce, dip beef in to eat.

Cook hotpotCook hotpot

Finished product

The taste of copper crab hot pot delicious, bold flavor is seasoned to taste and taste. Very suitable with noodles, rice, raw vegetables and delicious fish sauce.

Enjoy crab hotpotEnjoy crab hotpot

2How to cook Western crab hotpot

15 minutes
45 mins
Intended for
3-4 people eat

Ingredients for cooking Western crab hotpot

  • 500g pureed copper crab

  • 3 crabs (recommended crab nuggets (peeled crab))

Steps to cook Southern crab hot pot

To make this dish, you It takes about 1 hour.

Step 1 Process materials

Preliminary preparation of ingredients to cook Southern crab hotpotProcess materials

Crab puree you guys Mix with 1.5 – 2 liters of water and filter to get crab meat slowly until only the crab remains.

Shelled crab you clean, separate apricot to take bricks to separate, Later cut crab in half or quarter Depending on the size of the crab to eat.

Lemongrass smashed and cut into pieces to add more flavor to the hot pot.

Tomatoes you cut areca just ate.

Watch now: How to prepare clean sea crabs, processing without fishy

Step 2 Cook crab broth

Stir-fry crabs and complete the crab hotpotCook crab broth

Crab after filtering all the meat, you Put 1 teaspoon of salt in the pot of crab meat and bring to a boil over medium heat Let the crab meat slowly rise and clump together.

When the crab meat has surfaced, you Lower the heat and continue to pound the lemongrass to enhance the flavor of the hot pot. If the broth runs out, you can add more boiling water to make sure the water is enough to feed the whole family.

Step 3 Stir-fry crab and complete the field crab hot pot

Stir-fry crab and complete the field crab hot potStir-fry crab and complete the field crab hot pot

While waiting for the broth to cook, you Heat a pan and add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil. when the oil is hot you Add a part of shallot, minced garlic and chili and fry until golden.

When the onion and garlic are fragrant, you Add tomatoes and sauté on medium heat and add a little salt to taste. When just-ripe tomatoes and the color is so beautiful, you Put all the tomatoes in the pot of broth.

Continue using the previous frying pan, you Add a little oil and the remaining minced garlic to saute. Then you Add the crab bricks to stir-fry first to make the crab bricks an attractive color.

Final Stir-fry all the cut crabs profile with great fire for hunting back. When the crab is slightly hunted and changes color, you can put the crab in the broth.

Taste the broth with spices to taste, when the broth boils again, you take the lemongrass out. When the crab is just cooked, turn off the button. The field crab hot pot is finished!

Finished product

Southern field crab hotpot Western field crab hot pot

3How to cook hot pot crab with duck seeds

15 minutes
45 mins
Intended for
3-4 people eat

Ingredients for cooking duck and crab hot pot

Steps to make crab hot pot with duck seeds

Step 1 Filter crab

Filter crabFilter crab

You give 1/2 teaspoon salt into minced crab meat. Add water and proceed to comb the crabs. You comb each small part to get all the meat and nutrients in the crab.

Pour over the rail to get the broth. Pay attention to pour the water slowly and gradually comb until the crab shell is white, then stop.

Step 2 Process materials

Process materialsProcess materials

You cut the mushrooms in half and soak them in salted water.

Add finely chopped scallions, a little fried onion and a little cooking oil to the fish cakes and mix well.

Prepare a pan, sauté the purple onion, then add the tomatoes and stir-fry. You add 1 tablespoon seasoning To make tomatoes more flavorful.

Step 3 Cook hotpot

Cook hotpotCook hotpot

Put the pot of crab filtered water on the stove and bring to a boil. Attention Cook with medium heat so that the crab bricks don’t break.

When the crab bricks float up and form large blocks, they are taken out. After taking out all the bricks, pour all the sautéed tomatoes into the broth. When the water boils again, use a spoon to roll up small pieces of fish cake and put it in. Seasoning to taste.

When the fish cake is cooked, you add mushrooms, tomatoes and tofu. Cook more about 5 minutes then turn off the stove. When eating, you put on the stove and then crack the duck eggs in and enjoy.

Finished product

  Crab hot pot with duck seeds Crab hot pot with duck seeds

So the hot pot crab with duck seeds is finished. Not too difficult and complicated right? This delicious and attractive field crab hot pot will surely make your family love it. The broth is delicious, the crab bricks are very fleshy, the fish cakes are tougheating with vegetables is great, the sun always.

Well, with this crab hotpot, when you eat it, break the duck eggs. Hot and delicious, not afraid of being fishy.

It looks sophisticated, but this hot pot of crab with duck seeds is not complicated at all. You just need to spend a little time and you have a delicious treat for the family. Save the recipe and do it right away. Wish you success with this delicious and nutritious crab hotpot!

How to choose to buy fresh field crabs

  • Choose a field crab bright yellow, sure tomorrow.

  • Should choose the children crabs have smaller clawsthe stronger the shell, the stronger.

  • Should choose to buy female crabs will have more meat and more bricks than male crabs.

  • Choose the right size crabbecause crabs are too small, there is no meat, but if crabs are too big, the meat will not be much.

  • Do not buy crab in the middle of the lunar month, then the crab will not have much meat.

>> How to choose to buy delicious standard crabs, firm meat, as many bricks as 10

Remove the broth to the hot pot, bring to a boil, then serve with vermicelli and prepared vegetables. When the vegetables are just cooked, you can eat them right away. The sweet broth from crab meat, the fat from crab bricks and the fresh taste of vegetables will surely make the whole family love it. Wish you success with 2 dishes of crab hot pot recipes!