Perch soup is a familiar dish in every Vietnamese family meal. If you do not know how to cook perch soup with vegetables. Let’s have a look at the article below!

Perch soup with vegetables is considered a dish made by many families because of its rustic and rustic nature.

Perch combined with mustard greens, spinach or water lily creates an extremely attractive soup. If you do not know how to make these 3 delicious dishes, let’s refer to the recipe below with Bach Hoa XANH!

firstVegetable perch soup

10 minutes
20 minutes
Intended for
2 – 3 people

Ingredients for cooking perch soup

How to cook vegetable perch soup

Step 1 Process materials

The perch is scaled, fins cut, gutted, washed, then seasoned with salt. When washing fish, use salt to rub around the fish to help eliminate the fishy smell of the fish.

Peel the ginger, wash and smash it. Vegetables cut off the roots, are old, washed, cut into pieces about 1.5 cm.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Boiled fish

Prepare a pot of water for fish, bring to a boil, add a few slices of ginger and onion cloves, then add 1 tablespoon of fish sauce, Cook until the water boils and the fish is just cooked, then take it outsave the boiling water to use for pounding fish bones.

Boiled fishBoiled fish

Step 3 Filter fish bones

Remove fish, remove bones and meat separately. This is the most meticulous and elaborate step. Special If you have small children in the house, you need to carefully pick up the fish bones because if you eat bones, children are easy to choke.

Filter fish bonesFilter fish bones

Step 4 Shredded fish head and spine

The remaining backbone and head of the fish are put in the mortar, pounded the bones and head of the fish and then taken the fish broth kept in step 2 to filter it through a sieve, keeping the filtered water.

Shredded fish head and spineShredded fish head and spine

Step 5 Cook soup

Put the pan on the stove for 1-2 tablespoons cooking oil Heat the pan for hot, next you add minced onion and fry until fragrant, add the boneless fish.

Give in turn fish sauce, monosodium glutamate Add seasoning to taste, then stir well and return to the kitchen.

Next, put the pot of fish broth prepared in step 4 on the stove, drop a few slices of crushed ginger into the broth. When the broth boils, add the fish and vegetables.

Continue Cook until vegetables are cooked and season to taste, then turn off the heat (about 3-4 minutes).

Cook soupCook soup

Step 6 Complete

Put the soup in a large bowl, sprinkle a little more pepper for flavor!


Finished product

Vegetable soup cooked with perch is best eaten when hot. You can eat with salted eggplant, the meal will be much more attractive.

Vegetable soup cooked with perchVegetable soup cooked with perch

2Perch vegetable soup

15 minutes
20 minutes
Intended for
2 – 3 people

Ingredients for making perch vegetable soup

How to make perch vegetable soup

Step 1 Preliminary treatment

First you should wash the spinach and Crush the leaves slightly.

Clean perch intestines, scabs, wash with salt water many times for less fishy.

Next, take 1 onion, peeled and chopped.

Preliminary treatmentPreliminary treatment

Step 2 Cook soup

You put the pot on the stove, let 1 tablespoon cooking oil enter. When the oil is hot, add all the chopped onion and sauté until fragrant.

When the onion is slightly golden and fragrant, you put it in the pot 800ml filtered water. Bring water to boil. Next you give 1 teaspoon seasoning, teaspoon sugar, teaspoon pepper and teaspoon salt enter. Seasoning to taste again.

Next, you add perch, continue to boil. Use patch skim let the broth clear. Boiling water is about 5 minutes When the fish is cooked, you add the spinach.

Wait for the water to boil again, turn off the stove.

Cook soupCook soup

Step 3 Complete

You scoop the perch soup into a bowl, sprinkle more pepper on top to make it fragrant. Your delicious soup is done.


Finished product

Kale perch soup is not only delicious but also good for health. When enjoying, the sweet soup is rich in fish and fresh green vegetables. This dish must be eaten while it is still hot.

Perch vegetable soupPerch vegetable soup

3Water lily perch soup

Water lily perch soup is also a soup delicious and nutritious that you should try. The soup with mild sour taste from tomatoes, vinegar, fragrant broth with braised vegetables, coriander, sweet and soft perch meat, crispy water lily is very attractive.

This soup is also very simple to make with easy-to-find ingredients.

Above are 3 ways to cook delicious perch soup with vegetables, spinach and water lily, without being fishy. GREEN BHAG hopes you’ve got more good suggestions for your daily meals.

GREEN Bach Hoa