Children’s diet is always an important factor in helping children develop a healthy and comprehensive lifestyle. However, there are still foods that are harmful to children’s health, but mothers still love them because of their convenience and ease of processing.

Liver porridge cooked with sweet potatoes

Nutritious liver, providing Iron for children’s body combined with nutritious sweet potatoes.

However The liver is also the detoxification organ for the whole animal’s body, so all the toxins are concentrated here.

If children regularly use it, it will affect their health, especially those who are new to weaning and have a weak digestive system.

Liver porridge cooked with sweet potatoesLiver porridge cooked with sweet potatoes

Sea fish porridge – mackerel

Mackerel is one of the types of fish that provide good levels of Omega-3 for children’s eyes and brain.

Just by removing the bones, the mother can easily prepare mackerel porridge for children to eat weaning. However, nutritionists do not appreciate them, because mackerel is still a sea fish containing high levels of mercury – which inhibits the child’s brain and nerve development.

Sea fish porridge - mackerel

Porridge with eggs

With porridge cooked with eggs, the mother often uses the whole fruit because she thinks that the child will fully absorb the nutrition from the egg without wasting the white.

However, egg whites contain a lot of protein, which can cause allergies in babies under 6 months oldin addition, during the transportation of eggs, it is bumped, causing the protective film to be broken, making The whites can be invaded by bacteria.

For babies from 6-12 months old mother Only egg yolks should be used. Avoid using too much that affects the digestive system of children.

Porridge with eggs

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Not all nutritious foods are good for children’s health. Be a wise mother to choose healthy foods for your child’s diet.