Anorexia is a problem that causes many parents a headache because it affects the physical development of children. Here are 3 nutritious porridge that mothers should make to help their baby eat well and gain weight faster.

Eel porridge with carrots

Eel meat is rich in important nutrients such as protein, energy, fat, and important vitamins and minerals to help replenish blood … Not only that, Oriental medicine also believes that eel is a food. cure indigestion, anorexia and malnutrition in children.

In addition, carrots are rich in carotene and vitamins such as C, K. When the mother feeds this root to the baby, the above substances will be converted into vitamin A, helping the baby to have good health. bright Eyes, Prevent eye diseases such as nearsightedness, cataracts, etc.

So when I combine cooking porridge between eel and carrots, it will create an extremely healthy dish full of nutrients for babies to start a new day.

Combining cooking porridge between eel and carrot will create an extremely healthy and nutritious dish for your baby to start a new day.

Ingredients for making eel and carrot porridge

– 20g carrots

– 1 fresh, medium eel


Clean the eel and cut into pieces. Put the eel in the steamer

During the time of steaming the eel, I took advantage of the time to cut carrots to size pomegranate seeds. Next, the mother put the pot of porridge on the stove, cooked until the rice burst, then added the carrots to stir well. To smoldering fire Let the porridge soften and then continue to prepare the eel meat.

The eel has finished steaming, then mom takes a pair of chopsticks and clamps it to the eel’s neck, then pulls the chopsticks down the tail to separate the meat.

Chop or chop the eel meat according to the child’s preference.

Finally, my mother put this part of eel meat into the simmering porridge pot, seasoned it to taste more and then scooped it up into a cup.


– When choosing eel: choose the one with large body, medium length, golden belly and black back. That way, the mother can choose natural eels, delicious and firm meat, avoiding the case of buying fishy and friable meat.

– When choosing carrots: please pay attention to the color of carrots when buying. The tubers are bright, dark orange, hard to the touch and have a smooth skin, indicating that the carrots are still fresh.

– If the mother has cooked porridge with a combination of eel and carrot many times, then try to change the baby’s taste by cook eel with spinach. This porridge is applied by many mothers because spinach is considered a “panacea” for children with anorexia and slow weight gain.

Frog porridge combined with apricots

Frog meat is considered one of the top dishes to eat against rickets, Malnutrition in children. Because in frog meat many rich nutrients such as protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, magnesium, vitamins A, B, D, E, calcium,… enough nutrients for the body, especially helping malnourished children fast weight gain than.

Frog meat is very lean and sweet, so when processed, this dish will stimulate the taste buds of anorexic children.

In addition, spinach is considered a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals, especially for children with constipation and difficult bowel movements. Besides, this vegetable also helps children to purify the body, adding vitamin A, iron and folate to give them bright eyes and a healthy body.

Frog porridge and spinach are very beneficial for the health of anorexic children.

Ingredients for making frog porridge

– 1 handful of rice for baby to eat

– 1 copper frog about 200g

– The leaves are just enough

– Spices for babies


Frog cleaning

Strain the frog to separate the meat and bones

Put the bones in and cook with white porridge

Fry the onion and garlic and put the chopped frog meat into the pot to stir-fry until cooked

When the porridge is cooked, take out the frog bones and put the spinach for about 2 minutes

Then mix the cooked frog meat into the porridge

Synthesize 2 ways to cook frog porridge for babies delicious, full of nutrition, suitable for anorexia babies. It’s so simple, any mom can do it.

Shrimp porridge with pumpkin

Known as a rich seafood proteins and amino acids Essential for the baby’s body, shrimp is known as an indispensable dish in the children’s weaning menu, especially for anorexic children.

The combination of shrimp and pumpkin will bring an extremely nutritious snack for children.

Ingredients for making pumpkin shrimp porridge

– 1 cup of white porridge just eaten for the baby

– 1 piece of pumpkin about 20g

– 200g fresh shrimp

– Seasoning suitable for young age and olive oil


Peel the shrimp, wash and then mince or diced depending on the age of the baby.

Mom marinated this meat with a little white onion and suitable seasoning and then put it in a separate bowl for the meat to soak up the spices.

Pumpkin mother peeled, washed and then cut into small pieces, then put in the steamer to cook. Use a spoon to crush the pumpkin to make it easier for your baby to eat.

Next, my mother boiled the previously prepared porridge until it was hot, put the prepared pumpkin puree into the pot and stirred it with the porridge until it was even.

Finally, the mother added the seasoned shrimp to cook with the porridge, seasoned to taste the baby, then scooped it out into a bowl to cool it down before the baby ate it.

At this time, the mother should also add a little olive oil to the porridge to help the baby have a more nutritious meal.


When choosing shrimp, remember to stretch the shrimp and bring it out into the light to see the width between the joints. The wider the joint, the less fresh the shrimp, in addition, if the shrimp legs are black and the shell no longer clings to the meat, the mother should not buy it because this is a sign that the shrimp has been preserved for a long time.

With the above 3 porridge dishes, hopefully, mothers will no longer have difficulty in making a menu to cook for their anorexic children. You can also combine shrimp, eel, frog to cook with a lot of vegetables. Wish you success with porridge for your beloved children.


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