Newborn babies are very weak and fragile, just a little carelessness can affect their health. Cholera, scarlet fever and many other diseases can occur, so you need to avoid these 3 things when caring for a newborn.

Take your eyes off baby

Young children can’t stay still forever and you can’t predict when they will move, or have any objects that can affect them.

Therefore must Put the child on a flat, open surface, with no hidden corners, because the child is always in your sightavoid unexpected dangers occur.

Do not put children out of your sight

Using talcum powder

Many mothers still regularly use talcum powder for children, although it is good, but straw powder is composed of talcum powder, calcium salt, zinc salt and fragrance, which is not capable of treating heat rash.

Opposite Using baby powder can clog your baby’s porescausing diaper rash, dermatitis, worse if children inhale talcum powder for a long time, it will lead to respiratory diseases.

It is best for mothers to keep their children comfortable and well ventilated. Dress your baby in cool clothes to make it easier to sweat. Change diapers often during the summer so your baby doesn’t get diaper rash, so there’s no need to use talcum powder.

Do not abuse talcum powder that affects children's health

Use tight diapers

Since ancient times, mothers have always thought that using a diaper is a little tight, so waste does not spill out, helping children sleep better.

But tight diapers are easy to cause diaper rash or leave red marks on the baby’s body. So it’s best to Choose to buy diapers with anti-spill design, good absorption and safe for baby’s skin and absolutely do not use tight diapers.

Parents should also change diapers frequently to avoid diaper rash.

Should choose to buy diapers with the right size for the baby's body

Newborn babies always need careful parents when taking care of them, avoiding bad cases that can affect their health. Always monitor your child to give them the most comfortable, safe space possible.

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