Son Thuy jelly is a dessert that is both delicious, cool and nutritious. If you do not know how to make the right jelly, see this article right away.

Jelly contains amino acids that help reduce the aging process in humans, reduce acne and make hair stronger. There are many ways to pour jelly and one of the ways to pour jelly is both simple but extremely beautiful, attracting people to eat it is pouring mountain jelly.

This type of jelly is a combination of many color patches, one color mixed with another, usually green, red, black and the background is white to create really eye-catching patches. It looks complicated, but it’s very simple to do.

Watch a more detailed clip on how to make painted fish jelly here.

firstHow to make Son Thuy jelly

20 minutes
15 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

Ingredients for Son Thuy Jellyfish

Ingredients for Son Thuy JellyfishIngredients for Son Thuy Jellyfish

How to make Son Thuy jelly

Step 1 Soak the jelly powder

First, you put the entire package of jelly powder into 1.5 liters of filtered water and stir well, Soak for 1 hour let the jelly powder dissolve completely. If do not have many time then you can soak 15 minutes But if you soak it for a long time to melt the jelly, the jelly will be more delicious.

If you like to eat jelly more crispy can reduce the amount of water to 1 liter or 1.2 liter Hey, don’t add too much water, the finished product will easily separate.

Soak the jelly powderSoak the jelly powder

Step 2 Coloring the jelly

You put the entire packet of instant coffee into a cup, then pour boiling water in, stir until dissolved.

With pandan leaves, you wash them, cut them into small pieces and put them in a blender with 100ml of filtered water, then you filter out the body just to get water.

Coloring the jellyColoring the jelly

Step 3 Cooking jelly

After the jelly has melted, you put the pot of jelly on the stove and add 200g cane sugarn to enter, to stay Minimum fire level Then use a spoon to stir continuously to make the jelly no clumping At the bottom of the pot, remember to stir constantly or the jelly will spoil. You cook for about 15 minutes, the jelly will be smooth and sticky.

Still leave the pot of jelly on the stove, next you prepare another pot and scoop it out 750ml jelly water cooking and giving 300ml coconut milk and 50g condensed milk Add in, stir until dissolved, then turn off the heat.

Cooking jellyCooking jelly

Step 4 Pour the jelly

Prepare a large glass mold, then pour the coconut milk mixture into it, remember to check carefully if there are bubbles on the surface. Use a spoon to break it Please.

 Pour the jelly Pour the jelly

Next, you add black coffee to 100ml of jelly, you can adjust the intensity depending on your preferences, if you like it darker, you can add more coffee.

Afterward scoop each spoon put it in the main beard class, remember pour away from each other For a moment, I will pour other colors into the blank, this step is depending on the taste of each person, you can freely create patterns and colors according to your preferences.

After pouring, the color is dark brown, I will wait for about 3 minutes and then continue to pour the green color, I also scooped out 100ml of jelly and mixed it with pandan juice and poured it into the empty spaces.

Coloring the jellyColoring the jelly

Using a wand, gently stir into the mold so that the colors blend together, creating beautiful splashes of color.

Finally, pour the rest of the colorless jelly on the surface and leave it on the table for about 5 minutes. Then you put it in the freezer compartment, wait for the jelly to freeze.

Finished product

Painted jelly is a delicate combination of flavor and color. The flavors of pineapple leaves, coffee and condensed milk blend in the cool and chewy sweetness of jelly, making anyone who enjoys it feel satisfied and interesting.

Painted jelly Painted jelly

2How to make Son Thuy jelly with milo powder and matcha

Ingredients for making Son Thuy jelly with milo and matcha powder

Ingredients for making Son Thuy jelly with milo and matcha powderIngredients for making Son Thuy jelly with milo and matcha powder

How to make Son Thuy jelly with milo powder and matcha

Step 1 Cooking jelly

You put it in a bowl 1 pack of Ba Bay crispy jelly powder, 1 cup of sugar then mix well. Next, you put the pot on the stove, add 1 liter of waterwait hot water then for the mixture jelly powder in.

Friend Cook while stirring until mixed in then turn off the stove.

 Cooking jelly Cooking jelly

Step 2 Mix the color of jelly

You put in the cooked jelly mixture 4 cups.

The first cup you add 3 tablespoons matcha powder Add in, stir until dissolved. Next you give 3 tablespoons milo powder in 2nd cup. 3rd cup you add 3 tablespoons coconut milk. The last cup is uncolored.

Good tip: You add milo powder and matcha powder at The jelly mix is ​​still hot Make sure the dough doesn’t clump!

Mix the color of jellyMix the color of jelly

Step 3 Pour the jelly

Wait for the mixture to cool downn use the patch to scoop the mixed jelly in turnu, you pour jelly layer by layer with alternating colors random. Repeat the operation until all the jelly mixture is gone.

After pouring the jelly, put it in the fridge for about 2 hours is possible to enjoy.

Pour the jellyPour the jelly

Finished product

The jellyfish is crispy and delicious 3 beautiful colors. When enjoying, you will feel the sweet and fatty taste of coconut milk mixed with the aroma of matcha and milo powder Create a taste that is hard to refuse.

Delicious crispy jellyfishDelicious crispy jellyfish

Bach Khoa XANH has shared with you 2 ways to make Son Thuy jelly at home that are both delicious and easy to make. Hope you will go to the kitchen and make this delicious dessert to treat your friends and relatives right away!

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