Here are very quick and easy ways to get rid of ants with only ingredients available in your home.

You feel uncomfortable every time you have a lot of ants in your house. They are everywhere, from your home to your bed, they disrupt your sleep, mess up your activities and you just want to get rid of them.

But using insect spray continuously will be very uncomfortable, so why don’t you immediately refer to 7 ways to repel ants as easy as eating porridge with only ingredients in your kitchen.

firstChasing ants with black pepper

Sprinkle some black pepper on the place where there are ants like the path of ants, ant nests or house roots you don’t want ants to invade and you will see them quickly disperse and disappear, this is also an effective and simple ant repellant that you should apply.

Chasing ants with black pepperChasing ants with black pepper

2Chasing ants with garlic

Besides black pepper, garlic is also a familiar spice that is always available in my kitchen and is one of the effective ant repellant tips. Just peel a clove or two of fresh garlic and Place it near the place where ants usually appear, right after that, no ants will appear at all. When the garlic clove is dry, replace it with another garlic clove so that the ants don’t come back again.

If you use garlic, which ants will dare to stayIf you use garlic, which ants will dare to stay

3Using vinegar will make the ants go away

When it comes to the most effective natural solutions to repel ants, vinegar cannot be ignored. Vinegar will damages the sense of smell and destroys the ant’s pheromones.

Just Spray diluted vinegar mixture enter a door, window or anywhere ants normally appear, the ants will no longer appear there. But vinegar is a volatile mixture, so you need to spray it daily to maintain its effectiveness.

Repel ants with vinegarRepel ants with vinegar

4Chasing ants with lemon

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, lemon will be an effective alternative to repelling ants. Mix a few tablespoons of lemon juice or 10 drops of lemon essential oil with 200ml of waterpour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray them where you see ants.

Repel ants with vinegarRepel ants with vinegar

5Repel ants with menthol

Mint with a cool aroma not only relaxes you but also helps to hinder the ability of the ants to communicate, from which the ants will no longer recognize where they have gone and quickly disappear.

Dilute menthol in a ratio of 10 drops of peppermint to 200ml of water Then spray around the places where you don’t want ants to appear.

At this time, your house is both clean of ants and has a very pleasant scent.

Repel ants with mentholRepel ants with menthol

6Chase ants with kerosene

Kerosene seems to be the antidote to the ants. You Put some kerosene on the legs of a table, chair, bed or near the ant nest. The hateful ants, when they hear the smell of kerosene, will “understand” themselves and move away.

Chase ants with keroseneChase ants with kerosene

7Chasing ants with talcum powder

One natural way to get rid of ants is to use baby powder. Sprinkle a little talcum powder on the places where ants come and live. Baby powder has the effect of absorbing moisture, cleaning the air, leaving ants with no place to hide.

Chasing ants with talcum powderChasing ants with talcum powder

8Chasing ants with chalk

There are substances in the chalk that can be broken down pheromones of ants, making it impossible for them to sense scents and directions. You just Draw a line of chalk or sprinkle powder on the place where you don’t want the ants to get in.

Chasing ants with chalkChasing ants with chalk

9Repel ants with cornstarch

You can kill ants by Put cornstarch in the area with ants, ants will eat cornmeal, ants will die because they cannot digest cornmeal. Corn flour is a relatively cheap ingredient, and it is very safe, especially when there are young children in the house.

Repel ants with cornstarchRepel ants with cornstarch

tenChasing ants with dishwashing liquid

Please mix 1 part dishwashing liquid to 2 parts water in a bottle, shake well and spray the mixture on the ants. Ants will suffocate and die. This way you can also use this mixture to kill cockroaches.

Chasing ants with dishwashing liquidChasing ants with dishwashing liquid

11Chasing ants with kerosene

You Use a rag soaked in kerosene (oil) to apply it to the corner of the house, table legs, ant nests and along the way of the ants will make the ants not dare to appear again.

Chasing ants with keroseneChasing ants with kerosene

twelfthRepel ants with baking soda

You Mix baking soda with sugar according to 1:1 . scaleand Place where ants usually go. The sugar is responsible for attracting ants, and baking soda will kill the ants if eaten. Or simply, you can sprinkle baking soda powder on the place where the ants are.

Repel ants with baking sodaRepel ants with baking soda

13Chasing ants with duct tape

You Use duct tape to create a fence around the ants usually pass through, bringing the sticky side out. Ants will crawl over and get stuck. When the tape is full of ants, you just need to replace it with a new one.

Chasing ants with duct tapeChasing ants with duct tape

14Repel ants with cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon essential oil is very effective to repel ants. You Sprinkle a few drops of cinnamon essential oil where you need to repel ants, they will not dare to venture any further. Or you can use cinnamon powder in the same way.

Repel ants with cinnamon essential oilRepel ants with cinnamon essential oil

15Chasing ants with coffee

Coffee powder or coffee grounds are the nemesis of ants. You put the grounds, coffee powder in the anthill, soon they will be gone.

Chasing ants with coffeeChasing ants with coffee

16Chasing ants with salt

Using salt is the simplest and cheapest way to repel ants, all you need to do is sprinkle salt on the windowsills, doors into or where ants pass to prevent ant entry.

Chasing ants with saltChasing ants with salt

17Chasing ants with flour

You just Sprinkle flour where you don’t want ants to get in. Wheat flour will cause the ants to lose their way and not dare to cross.

Chasing ants with flourChasing ants with flour

18What to keep in mind to preserve food from ants?

Store food in sealed containers

For foods that need to be preserved, you should Store in an airtight container with a lid to keep in the fridge or outside while keeping out ants.

You should store food in a small box to divide each portion of food, because in a large box, when opened many times, the food is perishable.

Store food in sealed containersStore food in sealed containers

Keep the dining table clean

Keeping the kitchen space, as well as the dining table clean, is the most effective ant repellant tip. You need Limit dropping food on the table, clean regularly, and waste also needs to be handled every day to avoid providing shelter for them.

Keep the dining table cleanKeep the dining table clean

Use food wrap

For foods that cannot fit into the container, you can use plastic wrap to wrap food, to preserve food longer and avoid ants visiting.

Use food wrapUse food wrap

It’s very simple, isn’t it, with just a few easy-to-follow tips, you can drive the ants out of the house.

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