You must have had many headaches with how to clean wooden furniture in the house without affecting the material. Let’s find out how to solve it with the article below!

Before cleaning, you need to understand what the wood material of things at home is to apply cleaning properly:

Open wood surfaces must be prevented from getting wet and should be poured on the cloth first, not directly on the wood surface.

The surface of varnish is quite sensitive to water, you should clean it normally with a slightly damp cloth, do not forget to treat stubborn stains carefully with a bleach solution.

Wax requires a soapy wood cleaner – always choose the right products for the right purpose.

If your furniture is covered with paint, then you can use regular dishwashing liquid to clean it easily.

firstClean wooden furniture with Paraffine oil or beer

Another popular way is to use beer, take a soft cloth soaked in beer or paraffine oil and rub it on the wooden surface to remove long-term stains. If you use paraffine oil, you should note that When it’s dry, wipe it with pine oil with a normal cloth to polish the brightness as desired.

2Cleaning unvarnished wood furniture

You prepare a solution according to the following formula: 10g salt + 90g bleach + 1 liter of water. Then, apply this layer of water on the wood surface, you can use a coconut beige brush that fits the handle. Wait for a while for the solution to penetrate into the smooth wood layer, then wash it again with cold water and dry immediately.

Alternatively, you mix vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3 and then dab this solution on the wood. Next, you use a soft cloth soaked in fresh tea or green tea to clean a few times, your furniture will be noticeably brighter.

3Remove stains on wooden furniture

On wooden furniture, there are often stains due to tea stains, soft drinks, oil spills, etc. Add a few drops of cooking oil to white beeswax, then water-bath until the wax melts into the oil. Take this mixture and rub it vigorously on the stain, the stain will quickly be cleaned.

The other way is to Mix rice flour or flour with cooking oil and beat until thick, apply to dirty areas and then wipe with clean water.

4Clean wooden furniture with tea water

Make a large pot of very strong tea, let it cool. Then use a soft cloth dipped in tea and vigorously wipe the wood surface 2-3 times.

5Remove paint smell with cow’s milk

Bring boiled cow’s milk to a plate or bowl, put it in a freshly painted cabinet, and close the door. After about 5 hours, the paint smell will disappear completely.

6Use salt water to wash rattan and bamboo items

Using salt water to clean rattan and bamboo items that have been used for a long time has accumulated dirt, both cleaning things and helping them become soft and increase their toughness.

7How to handle yellowed white furniture

White furniture when stained yellow looks unsightly, but if you use powdered toothpaste (or toothpaste) to clean it, the situation will be dramatically changed. But it should be noted, when manipulating should not use too much force, otherwise it will damage the gloss of the paint on the outside of the utensils, causing the exact opposite result.

8Remove burn marks on painted wood surfaces

Cigarette tips, cigarette butts or matchsticks that have not been completely extinguished are unfortunately dropped on the desk, sometimes leaving a burn mark. If it is just a burn on the paint surface, you can wrap a stiff fine fiber cloth on the tip of the toothpick, gently wipe the burn, then apply a thin layer of candle on the burnt layer, the burn will be erased.

9Remove scratches on painted wood surfaces

If the furniture in the house is scratched (but has not affected the inner wood), you can use colored candles with the paint of the furniture to apply on the surface of the furniture to cover the wood color below, then use nail polish. Colorless hands sweep on a layer is okay.

tenRemove candle stains on wooden furniture

When candle oil falls on the surface of the furniture, do not use a sharp knife or fingernail to scrape it because it will scratch the surface. Instead, use a thin piece of plastic, hold the two hands tightly against a piece of plastic wood (nylon) wipe the oil from the outside to the inside, then use a soft cloth to wipe it clean.

11Treatment of the adhesive layer on the surface of blistered utensils

Step 1: You use a sharp knife in the direction of the wood grain to make an incision, then use a spray tube, spray glue into the incision and then gently press the blister with your hand.

Step 2: Use a wet cloth to wipe away the glue spilled on the outside. Then use a heavy object, larger than the blister, to press it over the blister. To avoid the case that after pressing a heavy object, the glue still spills out and contaminates the surface of the adhesive layer, you can take a thin layer of plastic and spread it between the glue and the heavy object. Thus, the surface of the glued layer is flat again.

twelfthRemove water stains on wooden furniture

Water stagnates on the surface of wooden furniture, if not dried immediately, it will leave water stains that are difficult to remove. For this water stain, you use a wet cloth to cover it, then use an iron, carefully iron a few times on the wet towel, the hot water stain will evaporate and disappear.

13Brighten the varnish on wood

More ways to get back the shine like new, use a little milk to wipe on the varnish, let it dry, and then wipe it off with a brush dipped in water