Go to the market or go to the store, supermarket to buy vegetables and food, but you are still not sure about the quality of the product. So let’s immediately refer to some vegetables that are easy to grow at home below to have a daily supply of clean food for the whole family!

Growing clean vegetables at home not only helps you to use clean food sources but also improves living space, many people also realize that growing is also a pleasure. There are many types of vegetables and fruits for you to grow, but in order not to spend a lot of time taking care of them, and to save growing area, you need to choose some suitable vegetables and fruits to grow at home, namely those that are suitable for growing at home. down here:

firstLettuce and lettuce

Lettuce and lettuce are familiar vegetables of every family, especially these two vegetables are extremely easy to grow, give high yields and the vegetables are easy to grow at home, not picky about soil, do not require care. sophisticated but still give high productivity.

Particularly, lettuce only needs to be planted once after growing, you just need to leave the root and it will grow again without replanting.

As for lettuce, it doesn’t like light, so you can plant it in less sunny places such as growing vegetables on the terrace, porch or open space in the yard. The harvest time of lettuce is about 40 days, and if you like to eat young lettuce, you only need to sow the seeds for about 3-4 weeks to have a delicious batch of vegetables.


If you grow vegetables with just good care and proper fertilization, it will only take about 20-25 days to harvest, this vegetable is very easy to grow, not picky about soil, you can grow vegetables in a container. Styrofoam also. However, the disadvantage of this vegetable is that it is easy to get sick, so you need to take care of it to prevent disease.


Tomatoes are a variety of vegetables you should grow at home because tomatoes are quite easy to grow without much care, even many people say that less watered tomatoes are more delicious and delicious. There are many varieties of tomatoes for you to choose from such as: small tomato varieties such as cherry tomatoes (also known as cherry tomatoes), yellow tomatoes or chocolate tomatoes …


The kind of vegetables that are soft, delicious, and nutritious are definitely sprouts. It only takes 5-7 days for you to harvest. To have a good batch of sprouts, you just need to choose a slightly secure variety and when sowing, just leave it in a sunny place, watering daily, the vegetables will grow very quickly.


If your home area is limited, choosing to grow cucumbers is also a safe and effective solution. Due to the nature of cucumbers to grow vertically, cucumbers can be grown in containers, suitable for small spaces. Cucumbers have good disease resistance, you just need to plant and water them regularly to quickly have fruit to eat.


Carrots are shade tolerant so you can grow them at home, but if you grow your own carrots, they won’t be as big as they are sold in the market, especially when you grow them in the ground. lots of rocks.

7Secret sitting

Zucchini can grow from seeds easily, just ensure the humidity is that it will grow very quickly so with this plant you can grow it in a pot or directly in the ground.

8Chrysanthemum vegetables

After chrysanthemum vegetables, if well cared for, only about 25-30 days of planting can be harvested. Chrysanthemum is also a water-loving vegetable, quite easy to grow you can grow at home and don’t forget to water it and you will have a delicious garden of daisies.


Spices that are familiar to the taste at home such as: basil, basil, perilla, cinnamon, laksa leaves, marjoram, onions, chives, coriander, coriander … These spices we all need. used every day when preparing food. To save money, and have clean vegetables to use, grow some spice plants at home. These types, after 15-20 days of planting, can be pruned to use. Continue watering, fertilizing will reap more times.

Above are some plants that are easy to grow at home, to have a clean, safe food source, save on living costs, let’s create a small vegetable garden for yourself!

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