Every baby after birth has a natural immune system, however, it will not respond to most bacteria and viruses in the current situation as well as from birth. Therefore, the addition of milk to increase the baby’s resistance is extremely necessary.

Resistance-boosting milk is the kind that, in addition to providing vitamins and minerals to participate in the immune system, also contains Colostrum colostrum (similar to colostrum in breast milk). They contain a lot of antibodies, help strengthen immunity, prevent intestinal infections and many other bacterial infections for children. Therefore, besides breast milk, please refer to the types of milk that increase immunity for babies below.

firstMilk to increase resistance for babies Diamond Newborn & Baby

Types of milk increase the baby's resistance, prevent virusesTypes of milk increase the baby’s resistance, prevent viruses

This is a line of milk that is intended to support premature, premature and low birth weight babies, so it contains many ingredients to support the baby’s immune system.

In addition, the product also contains colostrum ingredients rich in IgG antibodies. This ingredient along with the selenium content in milk is known to have the ability to strengthen the immune system, while also supporting the weak immune system, helping to fight pathogens to keep the baby healthy from the inside.

Besides, thanks to the composition of 5 digestive enzymes, soluble fiber (FOS) and the nutrient system L-Lysine HCL, B vitamins, Diamond Newborn & Baby milk always helps the baby’s digestive tract stay healthy.

Therefore, mothers can rest assured that their children will not be constipated when using this product.

Reference price: 245,000 VND/box of 400g.

2Nutrient Kao immune booster milk for babies

Types of milk increase the baby's resistance, prevent viruses

This milk is very suitable for the baby’s immature digestive system because the protein composition is always simple and easily absorbed.

Besides, the product also contains other nutrients such as: Carbohydrates, Palatinose, … are important to provide energy for the brain as well as support the best brain cell development.

Using this Nutrient Kao milk also helps children improve their digestive condition thanks to the content of 5 synthetic enzymes, Zinc, Lysine, especially soluble fiber FOS.

These are all important ingredients to stimulate the immune system as well as the digestive system to help the digestive system develop better, healthier than ever.

Reference price: 350,000 VND / 700g box.

3Milk increases resistance NAN

Types of milk increase the baby's resistance, prevent viruses

NAN milk stands for the phrase “Nestle Advanced Nutrition” which implies a high quality product line from Nestle.

This is a baby milk produced from many different countries such as Russia, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the Philippines. For infants and young children, the digestive system is still very immature, so it is easy to cause constipation or diarrhea when using formula milk.

But with NAN milk, which contains beneficial bacteria Bifidobacteria found in breast milk, it plays an important role in creating a healthy microflora for the intestinal tract.

From there, the baby can easily absorb the nutrients in milk. It is because of this that NAN milk is popular and the first choice of mothers.

Reference price: 410,000 VND/box of 800g.

4Frisolac Gold 3 milk powder

Frisolac Gold 3 milk with LockNutri process makes milk protein always protected during production without being degraded by high temperature. This will make it easier for your baby to digest and absorb.

In addition, the Synbiotics in milk is the optimal combination of Prebiotics FOS & GOS, Probiotics Bifidobacterium BB-12 and L.casei, which helps to increase the content of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract to be developed and healthy.

This is considered a factor to “defeat” harmful bacteria, help the body fight infections of the digestive tract, respiratory tract, … and protect the baby from the inside.

Not only that, milk also provides minerals such as: Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Nucleotides,… which enhances the body’s natural resistance so that the baby can play carefree.

Reference price: 470,000 VND/box of 900g.

5Enfagrow A+ 4 vanilla milk powder

Not only DHA and MFGM, but the content of PDX GOS in the product is also a blend of Prebiotics – a new generation of fiber, helping to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, support digestion, and enhance sugar immunity. intestine. Thereby, it also limits the baby’s constipation.

In addition, the MFGM system is the membrane surrounding the nutrient-rich fat droplet, which plays an important role in improving cognitive function, immunity and gut health.

In addition, drinking Enfagrow A + 4 vanilla every day also contributes to a full supply of protein, energy and essential vitamins and minerals to help increase resistance, support physical development to keep the body healthy and strong. Ensure your baby’s activity is maintained all day long.

Reference price: 465,000 VND/box of 900g.

6Optimum Gold 3 baby milk powder to increase resistance

Optimum Gold milk now has a big change in its nutritional composition, which is to supplement the precious HMO nutrient found in breast milk.

Did you know that they are highly appreciated by scientists for their ability to enhance the health of the digestive system as well as the baby’s resistance.

In addition, the product also increases +25% DHA from pure algae and Lutein, helping children develop brain, height and body resistance.

With an easy-to-absorb formula, while also adding Whey protein rich in Alpha-Lactalbumin and 18 billion beneficial bacteria, not only supports the digestive system but also helps the baby calm down, sleep well for better brain development.

Reference price: 575,000 VND/box of 1.5 kg.

7Colostrum Goodhealth Colostrum

Types of milk increase the baby's resistance, prevent viruses

The product contains many antibodies such as: IgG, IgM, IgA, DHA, … very important for the health of the baby. In fact, there are very few normal milk lines that can have a complete set of these antibodies in the right ratio.

The most important use of each type of milk is to strengthen the immune system as well as improve the resistance of the baby.

For Goodhealth Colostrum colostrum, by supplementing with natural antibodies IgG helps to strengthen the immune system. Infectious diseases such as colds, pneumonia, infections, … the baby can also resist.

In addition, milk also helps the baby absorb food better. They stimulate intestinal peristalsis to secrete food-digesting enzymes, making the baby really hungry, so it will increase appetite.

At the same time, the active ingredients IgA and B vitamins in milk will help the baby heal the damage in the intestines.

Reference price: 785,000 VND / box of 350g.

8Royal Australian Milk Lactoferrin

Royal Australian Milk Lactoferrin is sought after by mothers for their baby thanks to the combination of ingredients that make up good formula milk, helping babies supplement nutrients and strengthen immunity.

Royal Australian Milk Lactoferrin helps strengthens immunity in children and fights against pathogens. Thereby promoting the general development of the newborn.

This product also helps to supplement nutrients and vitamins. Helps absorb and convert into energy for children. From that help children gain weight, grow taller, optimally develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

Reference price: 880,000 VND/box of 400g

Royal Australian Milk LactoferrinRoyal Australian Milk Lactoferrin

9Morinaga Milk No. 2 Japan

Morinaga Milk No. 2 is a type of milk originating from Japan for babies from 6 to 36 months old, which is currently the choice of many mothers. In addition to breast milk, there are many types of milk that help babies supplement nutrients. Understanding that, Morinaga milk No. 2 is favored by many households because of its safety, nutrition and effectiveness.

Morinaga Milk No. 2 promote children’s creativity, strengthen immunity, develop the activity of beneficial bifidobacteria, fight constipation, enhance iron absorption for babies…

Morinaga Milk No. 2 has Contains DHA, lactulose, raffinose, bifidobacterium (prebiotics), at the same time fortifying beneficial bacteria for the digestive system of children. product. With the above uses, parents can always choose safely when having a baby from 6 to 36 months old.

Reference price: 478,000 VND/box of 850g

tenGreen Meadows . Milk

Green Meadows milk helps to supplement DHA and ARA, in addition, it also helps to supplement positive substances such as limonic acid, alpha linolenic acid. Helps children develop optimal brain and vision. Milk helps to add fiber Help protect the digestive system of children, avoid constipation in children.

Milk also helps supplement vitamin D3, calcium to help children maximize calcium. Hence comprehensive development of children’s bones and teeth. In addition, milk also contains Nucleotide components found in breast milk, Helps strengthen the immune system, protect children from pathogens.

Reference price: 475,000 VND/box 900g

Green Meadows . MilkGreen Meadows . Milk

Mothers should rely on the actual situation to be able to choose the right type of milk to increase the baby’s resistance. Thanks to that, the baby not only has a good development condition but also has optimal disease resistance.