Chicken is a familiar dish indispensable on a daily tray of rice. Pocketing the following braised chicken dishes will help your family’s rice tray become richer and more attractive.

Chicken is an easy food to eat, easy to prepare into many delicious dishes. Braised dishes are a common dish that is always on the table in family meals, chicken can be combined with many other foods to form braised chicken with many flavors. Please refer to the following delicious braised chicken dishes to make for the family to enjoy.

firstBraised chicken with lemongrass and chili

Braised chicken with lemongrass and chiliBraised chicken with lemongrass and chili

The salty and savory chicken flavor of lemongrass combined with the spicy taste of chili served with rice is extremely delicious. Make sure the eye-catching yellow color of the chicken will make people unable to help but look at it.

Let’s see how to do it in detail: Dinner is more delicious with chicken stew with lemongrass and chili.

2Chicken with curry

Chicken with curryChicken with curry

Rich chicken taste with a thick sauce mixed with a little spicy of curry, the smell of lemongrass attracts people to eat. With just chicken, lemongrass, curry, onions and garlic and some home-made spices, you have a delicious chicken dish for a family meal.

Here’s how to make it: How to make a simple chicken curry with lemongrass curry for a weekend meal

3Warehouse ginger chicken

Warehouse ginger chickenWarehouse ginger chicken

Braised chicken with ginger has a characteristic flavor of ginger, the chicken pieces are soaked in spices, salty and moderate, ginger is pungent and perfectly combined with chicken. With just a few simple ingredients, you have a delicious plate of chicken braised with ginger, this dish is nothing better than white rice, cucumber and raw vegetables.

Instructions for making ginger chicken stew very simple: Warm a rainy day with ginger braised chicken.

4Braised chicken with turmeric

Braised chicken with turmericBraised chicken with turmeric

Soft, chewy chicken combined with turmeric creates a dish with a distinctive flavor and eye-catching color. Because it’s cooked with fresh turmeric, turmeric braised chicken is not only delicious, but it’s also good for your digestion.

See how to make this dish here: How to make eye-catching yellow turmeric braised chicken.

5Braised chicken with bamboo shoots

Braised chicken with bamboo shootsBraised chicken with bamboo shoots

Braised chicken with bamboo shoots has a rich, delicious flavor typical of bamboo shoots. The tender chicken is braised and seasoned with bamboo shoots, creating a very delicious pot of braised rice. Let’s go to the kitchen to make this dish with me right away,

Chicken is one of the foods that are easy to eat and very healthy, braised chicken with bamboo shoots is an extremely delicious dish, bamboo shoots are carefully prepared to remove all the toxins associated with marinated chicken. evenly absorb the seasoning. Continue reading this article to know how to make this dish.

See now how to braise chicken with delicious bamboo shoots: How to make delicious crispy bamboo shoot chicken

6Braised chicken with pepper

Braised chicken with pepperBraised chicken with pepper

After the chicken is finished, it has a beautiful color and aroma of pepper, when eaten, it is spicy and rich in flavor, to know how to make this delicious pepper chicken, please continue reading this article.

Don’t miss out on a very simple way to do it: Show off your talent in the kitchen and make braised chicken with pepper for the whole family to enjoy.

7Fragrant Braised Chicken

Fragrant Braised ChickenFragrant Braised Chicken

The chicken is stocked with flavor, combined with the sweet and sour taste of pineapple to create an extremely delicious pot of braised chicken. Go to the kitchen and make this dish with me right away. Chicken is braised with pineapple, so it has a moderate salty taste, is softer and more delicious, and the aroma is not too sour, very tasty.

Try following the recipe below: A delicious dinner with a simple and delicious braised chicken dish.

8Coke braised chicken

Coke braised chickenCoke braised chicken

Coca is not only an extremely popular beverage, but it is also a wonderful cooking ingredient that you would not expect. Coke braised chicken dish has the typical delicious taste of chicken and Coke, the chicken is soft and seasoned. Family meals will be extremely attractive with this mouth-watering dish.

Watch now before you miss: Strange mouth with coca braised chicken, captivating every husband.

9Braised chicken

Braised chickenBraised chicken

Braised chicken with the aroma of fatty chao and firm pieces of yellow chicken. The aroma of garlic, the pungent taste of chili and pepper mixed with the sweetness of chicken combined with the fleshy taste of marbled potatoes served with rice is definitely an irresistible dish.

Above are delicious braised chicken dishes in family meals that are more attractive and delicious, choose one to make for the whole family to enjoy today.

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