On October 20, don’t forget to remember the women who have spent their youth for you!

Each of us has important women in our lives. Each person feels it, it can be a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a girl you love, … but whether individually or in common, those women are all wonderful and worth our time. best words when talking about.

10/20 don't forget to remember your mother, the woman who spends her youth for you

If someone asks a child what is the most beautiful thing in this world, the answer will probably immediately affirm that it is a mother’s love. Mother, who sacrifices the lives of her children. People who are burdened with worries, 9 months of heavy labor, have mothers ever complained, asking me to repay them? And perhaps also because she is so silent, we seem to forget how much she really endured and sacrificed for our successes. After all these successes, have you ever remembered your mother? When we think of Mother many times, we can’t hold back our tears, the thoughts of growing up in her arms come back every day. But have you ever confessed it in front of your Mother?

10/20 don't forget to remember your mother, the woman who spends her youth for you

If someone asks my little grandchild who is the best, I will immediately remember Grandma. For me personally, my childhood is associated with stories about Grandma. My grandmother is not stylish, does not know how to use smartphones, does not know modern games, but with her, my childhood seems to have been complete. She would take me around the small neighborhood, eat sugar candies, tell me stories of my grandparents’ days when they were young, gently pat me on the head whenever I was scolded by Mother,… And so on. In my childhood, having Grandma was the best thing. And I believe many of you are like that, right?

What about husbands? Surely the answer will be: The best wife ever! It is often said: After every success of a man, there is a woman. And each husband is better than his good wife. What husband wouldn’t be happy when the person with his head on the same pillow as him is a suitable wife for him. Whether the family is complete, whether the children are human, whether the husband can work safely or not are all built by the wife’s hands. Do husbands feel proud of their wives?

And then you know, women who are born all go through such wonderful people in turn. They will be our Grandmother, Mother, Wife, Girlfriend… And most of all, always love and be by our side when we need it most. Every stage we grow up will have them with us.

Life would be really incomplete without those women by our side.

So October 20 is coming, don’t be silent anymore, give the warmest wishes, gifts, and affection to those women. Their whole youth is devoted to you.