Marshmallows are not only the favorite food of children but also many adults because of their flexibility, toughness and delicious taste. This article will show you how to make marshmallows at home very easily.

Marshmallows are a favorite snack of children. But the candies on the outside often make parents worried because the colors and flavors inside can be harmful to their children. With this simple way of making marshmallows, mothers can rest assured that their babies can enjoy them without having to worry about anything.

firstHow to make fruit juice marshmallows from gelatin powder

How to make marshmallows with fruit juice

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Ingredients for making marshmallows with fruit juice

If you can’t find gelatin, you can be replaced by making marshmallows from jelly powder available at home. With this approach, you need to keep a few things in mind:
Unlike gelatin, which dissolves when stirred in warm water, Jelly powder needs to be cooked on the stove on low heat for at least 5 minutes.
– You can do it like below, but Instead of using 25g of gelatin, you need to use exactly 3.125g of Agar to make the candy freeze.

How to make marshmallows with fruit juice

Step 1 Soak gelatin

Soak gelatin to make marshmallows from fruit juiceSoak gelatin

Put the gelatin in a cup, pour in 70ml of water and stir until the gelatin dissolves in the water. If using leaf gelatin, cut it into small pieces so that the gelatin absorbs the water faster. Soak gelatin for 15-20 minutes to soften.

Step 2 Cook juice

Cook juice to make marshmallows with fruit juiceCook juice

Pour 80ml of juice into the pot with 110g of sugar, Cook over high heat and stir well for sugar to dissolve.

Afterward, Reduce heat to low and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Check the gelatin, if the gelatin has softened, put it in the juice pot, add the gelatin soaked water to the pot.

Stir well until the gelatin dissolves with the juice Cook for another 2-3 minutes again, then turn off the stove.

If using jelly powder, you need to cook for at least 5 minutes and stir well in one direction so that the jelly does not clump.

When the candy is warm, pour the candy into the mold, when the candy is cool, then Place in the fridge to chill for at least 4 hours Let the candy freeze.

Step 3 Cut candy

Cut candy after making marshmallows with fruit juice Cut candy

When the candy is completely frozen, remove the candy from the mold. Then you Dip the knife in hot water to prevent sticking when cutting candy because candy at this time is very sticky.

Cut the candy into small pieces and we have delicious marshmallows.

Friend can roll candy through a layer of sugar, but remember to keep in mind when rolling the candy must be dry or the sugar will clump. After that, leave the candy on the drying rack for the sugar to dry and stick to the candy (drying time takes 1-2 days).

Note: After rolling the candy across the street, you should dry it in a cool place, preferably in the refrigerator, where the high temperature will cause the sugar and candy to melt.

Step 4 Finished product

Super easy fruit juice gummies at homeSuper easy fruit juice gummies at home

After you’re done, you put the candy in an airtight jar or bag, put it in the refrigerator, so use up all the candies within 5-7 daysif the candy is coated with sugar, it will keep for several weeks.

Those who like flexible, chewy things should not miss this candy. Making your own marshmallows at home is not only assured of the quality, but also very happy because you can create any flavor that you love.

2How to make fruit marshmallows without gelatin

Ingredients for making fruit marshmallows without gelatin

How to make fruit marshmallows without gelatin

Step 1 Dissolve candy mixture

Dissolve candy mixtureDissolve candy mixture

First, you give 50g jelly powder, 250ml fruit juice, 300g granulated sugar and 30ml lemon juice into the bowl. Then, you use a spoon to mix well until the mixture is completely dissolved, let it rest for 5 minutes.

Step 2 Cooking candy

Cooking candyCooking candy

Next you Put the melted candy mixture into the pot, cook on low heat, Cook while stirring with a spoon Make sure the candy doesn’t burn. When the candy is almost boiling, add 1 tube of vanilla enter and Cook until the mixture is free of air bubbles.

Step 3 Casting

Cooking candyCooking candy

Next, you Pour the cooked candies into the mold and wait for it to cool. Finally, please Put the candy in the refrigerator and wait for about 4-5 hours let the candy freeze.

Step 4 Complete

Roll each candy in powdered sugarRoll each candy in powdered sugar

When the candy has frozen, you take the candy out of the mold, Roll each candy through powdered sugar. So you have finished making candied fruit with jelly powder.

Step 5 Finished product

Fruit candies made with jelly powderFruit candies made with jelly powder

Candied fruit made with fragrant jelly powder has a natural fruit flavor, not too sweet, and very attractive.

With this simple way to make marshmallows, let’s make colorful candies with your child. Your baby will surely love it. Good luck!