This weekend, let’s cook an extremely attractive mixed beef hot pot to treat the whole family! If you are still confused because you do not know how to cook deliciously, this article will solve it for you right away.

Mixed beef hot pot with rich, greasy and fragrant beef hotpot. The pieces of rare beef are just cooked in the hot pot, soft and absorbent while still keeping the sweetness and freshness.

Beef hotpot eaten with vegetables such as squash, cabbage, water spinach,… When dipped in vegetables that are just cooked, still keeping the fresh taste, blended with delicious beef hotpot sauce is the attractive feature. An irresistible lead of hot pot dishes.

How to cook beef hot pot is not too complicated. So this weekend, let’s cook this delicious and nutritious dish with Bach Hoa XANH to nourish your whole family!

firstA new way to cook mixed beef hot pot

30 minutes
90 mins
Intended for
4 persons

New style mixed beef hot pot ingredients

  • 1kg beef bone

  • 500g beef tendon

  • 1 white radish, 1 onion

  • 2 branches of ginger, 3 branches of lemongrass

  • 500g beef tenderloin

  • 250g flower corn (crunchy, not chewy)

  • Green onions, braised vegetables with coriander

  • Vermicelli or noodles, vegetables and mushrooms served with assorted depending on taste

New way to cook mixed beef hot pot

Step 1 Process materials

Vegetables you wash, peel, cut into bite-sized pieces. Onions just peel and leave whole, ginger and lemongrass smashed.

Beef balls you wash, Preheat for 5 minutes to clean and remove the sour taste. Take out to dry. Shredded beef tendon, washed, lightly cleaned to reduce the smell.

Beef bones washed with water and salt to clean and deodorize. Then, you bring the bones to bake until golden brown. This way, when cooking the broth will be more delicious and attractive.

Beef tenderloin and flowered corn, you wash, cut thin, then mixed with a little oyster sauce, seasoning and sesame oil For better taste and tender meat, when dipping in hot pot, the meat will be absorbed and very fragrant.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Beef broth

After roasting, the beef bones are golden brown, friends Scrape off the burnt parts to prevent the broth from becoming bitter and black.

Give 5 liters of water Put in the pot, when the water boils, add the beef bones, cook until the water boils, then lower the heat to bring the pot to a gentle boil and skim off…