The delicate skin of both mother and baby needs priority care with safe and quality products. In particular, organic cosmetics with many great uses is the most ideal choice to use.

firstWhat is organic?

Organic, also known as Organic, are compounds found in plants and animals. The farming or production process must always be clean, do not use synthetic compounds, chemistrystimulant growth nice change gene. Cultivation conditions must be in harmony with the environment, towards ecological balance. Harvesting must be done manually.

For animals, always ensure use 100% organic foodwithout the use of hormones or synthetic antibiotics.

Some famous agencies in the world can issue very prestigious Organic certificates such as: ICEA in Italy, USDA in the US and Soil Association Organic in the UK.

Organic is also known as OrganicOrganic is also known as Organic

2What is Organic Cosmetics?

In the food industry, Organic is a very reputable guarantee of product safety and quality. Therefore, the source of organic ingredients is the main choice of famous cosmetic manufacturers.

Cosmetics are produced do not use any chemistry Any synthetic, completely Organic ingredients, so it is very safe for the health of users.

To achieve organic certification, each ingredient used in the product must be grown in a certified organic place and must undergo extensive verification. Strict.

The main disadvantage of Organic cosmetics is mainly its high cost and lack of fragrance like other products. However, you do not need to worry about health safety issues, because these products do not accumulate harmful chemicals in the body.

The cosmetic line is USDA certified in the US

3Handmade cosmetics are not organic cosmetics

Currently, in many countries around the world, products that have not been officially certified, manufacturers cannot sell or print the Organic label. So consumers can sometimes confuse organic cosmetics with handmade cosmetics.

Handmade cosmetics have natural sources of herbs and plants, but the reality is still unqualified internationally recognized as organic.

In Vietnam, the production and sale of cosmetics is not strictly controlled, so many products with organic labels appear on the market and we can hardly distinguish them.

Bio Mama handmade cosmetics and organic cosmetics for mom

Some organic certifications of cosmetics in Vietnam

ICEA – Bio Eco Organic – Italian organic certification. Products that have been imported to Vietnam:

  • Organic baby cosmetics Bio Bio Baby.
  • For pregnant women and postpartum women Bio Mama.
  • Bio Lady is for women.

The Soil Association – The UK’s organic organization. Products imported to Vietnam under the Organic Bentley brand:

To choose to buy these products, mothers can go to large shopping centers or specialized stores for mothers and babies.

Organic cosmetics line for mother and baby

If using common cosmetics, mothers should avoid products with ingredients from Formaldehyde, Parabens and chemical fragrances that can cause cancer and affect the fetus.

Source: Vinmec

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